Freewill... What is it really?

Consider: On the one hand we have the dead machinations of cause & effect. Flip the light switch and the room lights up (uncertainty principle set aside of course.) If we are like the light.. then every act, every breath, every passing thought happens only because certain switches are flipped. Certainly we cannot call this freewill, as there is no freedom in it.

But on the other hand when cause & effect is not the master.. when things happen spontaneously - without rhyme or reason, then we call it chaos. Certainly science does not rule here. When there is no cause, no REASON, for a phenomenon, then explanation and understanding do not apply. So it is true with how we act and the choices we make. If we are not bound by cause and effect then we too are without guidance and reason. Like like the upturned face after the rolling of a dice, our every move is a matter of chance. Could we really call this freewill? No doubt it is FREE, but is there any will to it? seeing how it is wild and unpredictable?

So what are we? And what is freewill?

Are we machines or madmen? The puppets of causality or the rolling dice of chaos? And which world gives us freewill?

After being dissected this way what do you think of freewill as a concept? Is it even a coherent idea anymore?

Of course as an existentialist I believe our will DOES have a freedom to it. But it is not a physical freedom. It is a metaphysical freedom. Scientifically I don't think freewill makes much sense for the reasons above. I reckon there IS a science behind our actions. But not a philosophy. There is a HOW. Just not a why.