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Thread: Google TV Launched

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    Default Google TV Launched

    Click Here For Google TV Tour
    Google recently gave internet users a taste of one of its newest tools by launching a preview website for Google TV.

    The company has said little about the product since announcing it in May, but the new website was accompanied by partnerships with Turner Broadcasting, NBC Universal, HBO and the National Basketball Association, among others. Experts believe the new website will be similar to the finished product, which is set to launch later this month.

    "Google TV is a combination of hardware built by partners like Logitech and Sony and software developed by Google that is designed to blend the web experience with the television experience", said a CNET report.

    Google TVís new website offers a tour and feature list, including TV search, use of an Android smartphone or iPhone as a remote control. The ability to "Fling" websites, send video and audio from your handset to the television, is also demonstrated.

    Hype surrounding Google TV comes at time when Apple is discussing improvements to its own adventure with the small screen, Apple TV. The original failed to live up to consumer and industry expectation, but Apple is insisting the new version will reach its original billing - meeting the iPod is to portable media as Apple TV is to on-demand television, according to IT World.
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    Let's see what they have to offer. i hope it's not more of the same bullcrap with a different name.

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    I hope it picks up too. But i don't fully trust Google's mantra of don't be evil. Lately they are being serious assholes. Glad that they have been sued by Oracle. You cannot operate under the guise of open source and steal patented technology and expect GPL to save you.

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