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Thread: Woman collapses during ------ of 13 people

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    Default Woman collapses during ------ of 13 people

    A woman whose child was among 27 people crushed to death at Senya Beraku collapsed during buriall ceremony, Friday.

    She was quickly rushed to the hospital and has since been revived, Joy News’ Central Region correspondent Richard Kojo Nyarko reported.

    The sudden collapse of the woman whose name has been withheld typified the emotional scene that greeted the buriall of thirteen more victims of the fatal accident.

    The whole town was in a sea of red and black attire with swollen red eyes.

    On Thursday, officials of the National Disaster Management Organization assisted relatives and traditional authorities to bury eight identified bodies.

    This brings to 21 the number of bodies buried so far.

    Richard Kojo Nyarko who witnessed the mass buriall reported the ceremony was emotional.

    Mothers, brothers, sisters were all in tears mourning their departed relatives who were crashed into by a rickety water tanker.

    They were having fun and dancing the night away at a spot said to be close to the road on 27 December, 2011, when the gory incident occurred.

    The remaining six will be buried on Saturday after which the final buriall rites of all the deceased persons will be held.

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    nansins...open a spot close to a busy road....and u think this wont happened...now you blaming the driver..smh...

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