If you missed the 3rd Joy FM Disco Fever which came off at Foyer of the Accra International Conference Centre Monday night, December 26 - Boxing Day - then you really missed a lot.

You missed a train that came with it not only fond memories of your youthful days, but also a rear opportunity to dance away a stressful year.

The Foyer of the Conference Centre was filled with a sea of energy-filled business and political personalities who still posed a never-quenching youthful exuberance.

The scene at the foyer of the Accra International Conference Centre on Boxing Day

Men and women who call shots and make things happen in the 2000s lost their authorities to the spell of the good old 70s and 80s - reliving a once fulfilling youth life.

As usual, they did not forget their fashion sense. Some wore their afro hair styles with cigars to match. And yes the mini-skirts also came in their numbers - how sexy they still looked today.

Age never mattered this particular night, as patrons show off their boastful claim that they were the best during their prime - definitely club keteke had resurrected and they loved every bit of it.

Each song came with its own skillfully crafted dance. Many including Tony Aidoo of the NDC and Nana Akomea of the NPP could be seen sliding from one side to the other while others do rhythmatic movements with their hands and legs moving at the same time.

Songs such as Holiday, Rhythm of the Night, Coffee, Now That We Have Love, Ring My Bell, All Night Long, Electric Slide, I Want To Be Rich tickled dancing nerves even those whose who were shy could not resist the temptations the night had to offer.

Couples danced as if this was their first night out, and when competition sets in, the ladies seemed to always rule. They easily beat the men with splendid dance moves.