A WOMAN has given birth to twin boys whose entire bodies are conjoined except for separate HEADS, it was revealed yesterday.

They have the appearance of a single child with two heads. Doctors said both heads are perfect and identical.

The healthy lads, named Emanoel and Jesus, were born by Caesarean in Anajas, Brazil. They have two brains and two spines but share a heart and other organs.

Both heads are feeding but doctors are unsure if there are two stomachs.

Mother Maria de Nazareis, 25, was said to be delighted with her twins.

Hospital director Neila Dahas said: "The body looks like one normal child." She ruled out surgery to remove one head, saying there would be "huge moral obstacles".

She explained: "If both brains are functioning, how do we choose which head to remove?"

It was Brazil's second "two-headed baby" birth this year. The twins died due to lack of oxygen.

Source: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage...er-organs.html