When it comes to purchasing computers for home or business use then many of us are now choosing to buy a portable computer, be it a hand held one, a net book or a laptop, or one of the latest tablet computers.

Many businesses are opting for portable computers as due to the wealth of applications available they are now ideal for collecting customer data such as electricity and gas readings. Taking this as an example, the meter reading is now typed in to a rugged handheld computer as soon as the meter is read, this reading is then uploaded via GPS to a central computer, and the bill is probably being printed within an hour of the reading being taken.

Thus portable computers are now being widely used for data collection, as by computerising such processes the manpower needed is vastly reduced. Indeed the use of rugged portable computers is now widespread with parcel delivery companies and the post office now using rugged displays to take customer signatures.

Many private individuals are now choosing slim line, lightweight portable computers rather than heavy, bulky desktop machines. This demand is on the increase, as many people now want access to the Internet when they are away from home, for not only surfing the web but also keeping up with emails, and with friends on social networking sites.

Tablet computers are becoming the choice of many people who just need a computer for web browsing and handling email, with many of the latest models featuring high end multi-media capabilities as well.

Net book sales are also on the increase for people who do not need a fully featured laptop computer but do need more computing power than a tablet, and the ability to do minor work on spreadsheets and word documents.

The latest laptop computers are now just as feature rich as traditional desktop ones, and are also becoming a popular choice as lightweight batteries are now being produced that are making full size laptops truly portable, and now weighing under 1 kilo compared to older models that could weigh up to 3 kilos.

The use of portable computing devices is also on the increase as many more of us choose to have wireless networks installed at home, allowing us to link our laptops, net books and even smart phones to our home networks. This means that you could even print photos taken on your smart phone wirelessly via a printer at home.

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