A man of God has predicted that the world will be destroyed tomorrow, Friday, November 11, 2011. He did not give the time and how it would happen.

Peter Anamoh, who described himself as a “prophet to the nations”, claimed the destruction would commence from the sea in Ghana and would then proceed to the rest of the world.

He however claimed the only place that would be safe was a village about an hour’s drive from Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region.
The founder of Makara Church, located near the Ghana Trade Fair site, has convinced his congregation and they have since left Accra for the ‘safe village’ in Bolgatanga.

A troubled relation of some members of the congregation who went on the journey walked into the offices of Daily Guide to express his worry. Ebenezer Tenkorang, an uncle of a member of the church, said his nephew, Bernard Owiredu joined the church recently after marrying a lady congregant.

He said his nephew, a university graduate, was able to convince his other siblings and fled with them to Bolgatanga. “The whole family is worried. We saw a change of attitude in my nephew after his wedding five months ago. He started behaving strangely,” “All efforts to make him see reason with the family to understand that where he was heading was not the best has proved futile as Bernard Owiredu, my nephew, is not helping matters”.

He indicated that the case had since been reported to the police for further investigations but had in the meantime appealed to government and religious bodies to help. “They must do something about it before it gets out of hand. The prophet could poison the congregation and make us believe that God has taken them to heaven,” he lamented.
Prophet Anamoh has since Monday November 7 been running full page adverts in newspapers, warning the public of the destruction of the world.

Phone calls to all mobile numbers to the family members of Mr. Owiredu, as well as that of the office of the prophet, which are stated in the adverts, went unanswered. The adverts that exhibit four books titled ‘Lessons From John The Baptist’s Mission’, ‘Unveiling The Twelve Years Of Prophetic Works’, ‘Sikaman Ghana’, ‘The Sought Out Nation’ and ‘The 11 11 11 Crash’, also exhibit his website address, www.prophetpeteranamoh.com.

In the adverts he said, “What God has intended to do, is what will come to pass, destruction shall come to the world on the 11th day of the 11 month, 11 year and on the 11 hour…and also the 23rd hour GMT.
“These are deep to understand and I know you cannot easily grasp it but keep in touch.”

He stated that most powerful nations around the world were declaring safety but all these would come to naught as God was prepared to destroy the world on Friday. “It is possible for one to prepare and escape this destruction that is about to strike the world,” he noted.
He asked his readers to read some scriptures – Daniel 9:26, Zephaniah 1:15-18, 2:1-5 and Psalm 42:7.

He explained that Ghana had four republics as well as four Johns that had ruled the nation and interestingly, the 4th John and the 4th republic respectively were different. Ghana, he said, “has prophetic gifts which no nation has. These mysteries and many more can be traced in the following books: lessons from John the Baptist and the unveiling the 12 years of prophetic works.”

The advert further stated that those who would be in Bolga would definitely have their lives spared and would escape God’s wrath.
Quoting 1 Thessalonians 5:3 of the Bible, he urged the public not to be deceived. “Do not let anybody deceive you when they say peace and safety are traceable to the church. If so why are the churches busily praying for peace all over?” he queried.