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Thread: Time is not on Africa's side - President Mills

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    Default Time is not on Africa's side - President Mills

    Ghana's President John Evans Atta Mills on Tuesday urged African diplomats in the People's Republic of China to bring China's development "miracle" to bear on their respective countries on the Continent, stressing that Africa cannot afford any further delay to accelerate her own development. He said time was not on the side of the Continent for it to continue to get mired in endless conflicts to the detriment of her development, and called on African leaders not to allow anyone to drive a wedge between them.

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    So is nothing on our side??

    Well at least we still got the Almighty Big G!!

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    What about the corruption and "Pull him down" plaguing Africa? May be if Atta Mills can rid Ghana of corruption and pull him down we will have time on our side to be a major player in world affairs.

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