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Thread: Ghanaian Movies.....I still am no believer

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    Default Ghanaian Movies.....I still am no believer

    Seriously i still haven't managed sitting through a single Ghanaian movie. This is due to the mere fact that the acting is so subpar so much so that i get the itch whenever i find myself seated behind a tv in an attempt to watching these movies. May be it's just me. What's up with the fake american accents ? oh and to make matters worse, the bad makeup and wardrobe.

    I'd rather watch Agya Koo and Enno Mercy coin their own anglicized twi words all day. I mean is it wrong for Ghanaian actors to be themselves in portraying whatever idea they may be putting across in movies ? Ok even if the american and brit accents are what they choose to have their dialogues, couldn't they at least work with linguistics coaches to get it right ?

    I love Ghana but as for this one patriotism aside. Can some one please make me a believer ?

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    LOL....they are getting better. Now adays the actors are staying true to themselves. Hmm the "by force" slanging, it's going nowhere soon. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL everyone wants to be a Yankee u know what i mean....lol

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    loooool....Pope you forgot about the similar story lines too. You can tell how the movie will end from the first few scenes....if its not witches killing someone and end up being disgraced,.......Its a ghost coming back to haunt those who killed them.

    That aside I have watched "Life and Living it", "Scorned", "Perfect Picture" and "A Sting in a Tale" movies produced by Shirley Frimpong-Manso and I'll say its of a different class...you may wanna try it too. You may be able to watch these I hope.

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