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Thread: Husband Puts Pubic Hair In Soup To Punish Wife

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    Default Husband Puts Pubic Hair In Soup To Punish Wife

    Noah Senu, a resident of Official Town, an Ashaiman suburb, is currently being held by the Ashaiman branch of the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) for pouring his shaved pubic hair into a pot of soup his wife prepared.

    The 36-year-old carpenter said he did that to get back at his wife, who is nursing their 2-month-old baby, for denying him his conjugal rights.

    According to a source, Senu had lived with his 28-year-old wife, Justina Ahiadzi, a banana seller, at Official Town for some years now.
    The source said Justina was the breadwinner for the family as all was not well with her husbandís carpentry trade.

    She, according to the source, maintained the family with proceeds from her banana trade.

    Justina was said to have told her husband that she could not satisfy his insatiable libido, adding that it was also too early to start having --- as it was barely two months since she delivered their baby.

    Her refusal, according to the source, did not go down well with the carpenter who was said to have tried using force to have --- with her; something she strongly opposed. She allegedly kicked him with her legs anytime he attempted to forcibly sleep with her.

    Senu reportedly threatened to divorce her and further threatened that she would swell to death as it was considered a taboo in his town for a woman to kick her husband with her leg when refusing him ---.

    The couple, according to the source, always quarreled, a situation other tenants of their house noticed, with some of them especially men said to have rebuked him for being so mean to his supportive wife.

    Justina, on November 1, 2011, left her home early in the morning to buy some bananas from a retailer in their neighborhood. She was said to have left her home after preparing a meal of banku and soup and neatly covered it in their room with a view to taking it as her breakfast when she returned before setting out for work.

    Senu reportedly was home shaving his beard at the time his wife departed and was said to have also shaved hair from his armpit and around his manhood, after which he later gathered all the hair and poured it into the pot of soup his wife had prepared.

    Moments later, Justina returned and when she settled to have her breakfast, she found some hair in the soup she had prepared and neatly covered before leaving home and quickly suspected her husband might have done that.

    He did not deny it when she confronted him and went ahead to explain that he did that to punish her for constantly denying him ---.

    Justina, who was carrying her baby at her back, rushed to the Ashaiman DOVVSU where she lodged a complaint against him on that same day.

    Senu was later arrested and when he was interrogated, he denied pouring the hair into the soup and rather told DOVVSU officials that he was sure that the hair found its way into the neatly-covered soup because a ceiling fan was working at the time he shaved.

    ASP Jennifer Bolah, the Ashaiman DOVVSU Coordinator, confirmed the incident and told Daily Guide that the case was currently being investigated by her outfit. She said the suspect would be put before a law court when investigations were concluded.

    She encouraged women to do well to empower themselves before they ventured into marriages so as to avoid such instances.

    Source: Daily Guide Ghana

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    aaahhhhhh what kind of stupidity is this?
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    Interesting story....hmm coochie power makes some men do the dumbest things.
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    smh...naawaah oh hmmmmmmmm

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    this is very funny. at least he didnt murder her to punish her.

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