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Thread: Debate This: Are You Obligated To Hang Out With Your Significant Othersí Friends?

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    Default Debate This: Are You Obligated To Hang Out With Your Significant Othersí Friends?

    Letís say youíre dating a girl and things are going great with one small exception ó she has a friend you absolutely canít stand. There could be a multitude of reasons you donít like this person; maybe she makes nasty sexist or racist or homophobic remarks or she gossips all the time and being around her just makes you feel really uncomfortable.

    Maybe you canít stand the way she leers at you when your girlfriend isnít looking. Maybe she dated a dear friend of yours and treated him like crap. Maybe she treats your own significant other like crap, but for whatever reason, your girlfriend is willing to put up with it. Does that mean you should?

    Even if it means watching this girl talk down to your woman, belittle her, and say offensive things? Are you obligated, as a dutiful boyfriend, to spend time with everyone your significant other hangs out with simply because youíre part of a couple?
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    My woman has such a friend as described by the thread starter. I hate her so much so that one day i almost slapped her. I will never hung out with her or have her in my house,so i told her to stay away from us.

    It's no obligation to have a person with so much negative energy around you for the sake of your significant other's interests.

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    Just because she is my girl's bff doesn't mean she should hung out with us and vice versa. I have never experience such a situation but if anybody treats my woman unfairly that in itself spell WAR !

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    Either way....its not fun having that "third leg" in your relationship. Some friends are so terrible to deal with, they are so nosy but usually its easier for the one who is not the friend to realise all the bad things being done.

    I dont believe in hanging around with my man's very close friend much more so if he repulses me.......and if I get any possible chance I'll let him have it...If my partner can't tell his friend his mind..I'll do it for him.

    On the other hand, I dont have to hang out with him and will do all in my power to reduce the possible time he hangs out with my partner.

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    You are not obligated in anyway to become a friend of your girlfriend's friend. They are most often very ugly and sowers of misinformation. They are also very envious and always the first to tell your girl to leave you should there ever be a problem. I say, Nay!

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