Long Distance Relationships can in fact be the most rewarding relationship two people can share. Like anything, you take a chance, you give what you can and see what you get. The key to a Long Distance Relationship is staying positive and maintaining trust. I believe in simplicity so I will only address the core topics. You can always detail something to death, but I believe it to be unnecessary in life, relationships...and this article.

When you are in a Long Distance Relationship there are many positive aspects to appreciate. The focus of the relationship is not going to be about sex, it will be about communication. You will converse more and get to know the person more closely than if you were together and infatuation or lust were interfering with this growth. Because of this, the two of you will have a deeper respect and adoration for the other. Another benefit is that you will be alone and have time for yourself, if you are someone who tends to get wrapped up in a relationship this will benefit you immensely because it will force you to take a more healthy approach. It is easy to get clingy or move too fast when dating someone who is easily accessible, but is very unhealthy for the relationship in the long run. Having space forces you to take it slow which will benefit you both. Distance also ensures that you will not take each other for granted, every second you get to spend with the other will be valuable and you will look forward to the next. This will also help you not to focus on the little things, there will be no knit picking! You are less likely to experience the hazardous little fights that ruin most relationships, not that you will not argue, but you will argue with more relevance. Long Distance Relationships are more focused on the connection, and when nurtured, can grow into a lifetime together if you chose to take the necessary steps to make that happen.

There are negatives to a Long Distance Relationship too. However, those will not be discussed in my article because it totally contradicts my first piece of advice!

Stay Positive!: It would be all too easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of being in a relationship with someone you rarely see....so easy! This is POISON! Once you start getting down, complaining, whining, etc., your relationship is on its way out the door. If you don't focus on the positives, the two of you will forget why you are in the relationship to begin with. You will start to resent the other for your sadness, your partner may take it as a sign that you are not happy with them, they will feel inadequate. Your relationship will crumble. So avoid this, when you start to feel sad, remember something you love about the relationship. Having someone you care enough about to miss, beats the alternative. I was in a Long Distance Relationship for a year, it was probably the best relationship I have ever been in, only I got caught up in the sadness and how hard it was to deal with missing him and that ate our relationship. We finally both decided that maybe we should both find someone more convenient so we could avoid the agony of being lonely. We spent the next year in meaningless relationships. My point is, that when you are in love, nurture it. Loving someone from hundreds of miles away isn't as lonely as being in the arms of someone you do not love.

Maintain Trust!: Trust is always important in a relationship, but when you are in a Long Distance Relationship all you have is your word. You have to always be honest with the other. You are both making a sacrifice to be involved in this relationship so you both deserve a clear picture of what you are dealing with. Tell them the truth about everything, even if it is a truth that you fear will have consequences. You should both be mature enough to understand the situation and know that it is hard for you both. There is nothing you cannot get through if you trust each other.

Long Distance Relationships can be successful. When two people love each other, there is nothing they cannot overcome. As with anything, you have a choice. You can use the struggle to help you grow together, or you can choose to let it be the downfall of your relationship. Whatever you choose, if you truly love the person, you always will. How far are you willing to let them go?