Ghana politics is polarised as it struggles to permeate through the minds of the big players on the ground. The fine line between the élite and the illiteracy is so thin; it is gradually becoming impossible to tell a real intellectual argument.

The meaning of most activities or words has a lot to be questioned for, as graduate are unable to reasonably convince the public on actual occurrences without linking it to a political party. In most cases when an issue is raised, the media is unable to take a stance and if they do its always skew.

The fundamental problem of democracy to Ghanaians is whether they understand the meaning of democracy and are able to apply it correctly without fear. The Ghanaian elite is good at definitions and propagating big words but in common terms the illiterate is more meaningful to the practical sense of it.

Is it partly to do with their inability to differentiate human right to democratic right? The oxford dictionary meaning of the above is easy to understand as oppose to implementation.

Statistics suggest that up to 70% Ghanaians can not read or write, however it failed to say whether this percentage of people can construct meaningful sentences’ in their respective language. Is the English language the only way of measuring intelligence in Ghana? If that is the case, then the nation is not being fair and encouraging cast system as in India.

The biggest challenge to Ghana politics is the leaders from both government and opposition parties who have subordinated the chieftaincy system to their merit. On the other hand our culture is meddled with by importation of foreign culture affecting its growth or direction. Again the "meaning" or globalising comes to play on the intellect of the educated.

It seems Ghanaians only take things on face value and refuse to digest the content of these developments that took place. Recently a top official was heckled for making pronouncement about the judiciary and another official also heckled on religious issue instead tackling their concerns.

The reasoning capability has always being a concern from the time party politics took hold of the country. It has also gotten worse in modern days as we struggle with the meaning of DEMOCRACY as opposed to Human right.

Ghanaians!!! Ghanaians!!! Ghanaians!!! Leaders…. Stop exposing your ignorance to the world.

By Antwi A Odrey