A break-up is the worst stress one can have.

Other stresses that match or exceed this are loss of business or job, and death. Break-up causes stress in many ways. The way you lived with your partner and looked at life always together suddenly changes. Earlier both of you were on the same side. After break-up both of you are on the opposite sides of the fence.

We begin our relationship with great romantic love. We love what our partner does. We love everything they say and we love working and sleeping with them. We love sharing our ideas with them. At the peak of love, we feel that we were made for each other. The memories of everything that we shared comes back to haunt us after the break-up. It is difficult for many of us to believe that we are no more together. We may still think about sharing ideas, talking about problems with each other and then realize that we are no more with each other. That is a huge shock. The world turns upside-down. We were always depending upon our partner for many things. That suddenly goes away. It is very difficult to bear this change.

The other big change that brings in memories that haunts us is the period of going through the breakup. The spoken words of each other come back in intensity. When you recollect the words your partner spoke while arguing and quarreling with you, you do not know how to believe that it really happened because you never expected such words from your partner. During the period of break up you do undergo disbelief that your partner is finding fault with you in many things. But after break-up the memory keeps coming back and creates a hell.
A break-up is one of the worst experiences one can undergo and needs all the will power to become normal again.

Courtesy: www.yourromanceguide.com