Come Friday December 9, 2011, Ghana’s hip-hop and RnB artistes would be honored at an unprecedented ceremony to be held at the International Conference Center in Accra.

Organisers for the event, Shades And Powder, told NEWS-ONE that the ceremony was dubbed Ghana’s Hip-Hop and RnB Music Awards 2011.

Kwaw Kesse

Jerry, speaking on behalf of Shades And Powder, said the idea was to celebrate the works of the various person who had helped in promoting the culture of hip-hop and RnB music in Ghana.

“That sector is very huge and has turned a lot of youth into gainfully employed entrepreneurs who do not have to beg others for a living.

In a country where we have an association of unemployed graduates, it is worth celebrating an industry that has employed several thousands of young persons including graduates and undergraduates,” Jerry explained.

He added that the persons who had championed this industry and contributed to its success deserved recognition and encouragement.

“We have been planning this for some five years now and finally the time has come for takeoff. If our stars here are been awarded all over the world, what prevents us from celebrating them here?” he added.

Source: News One