The Leader of the Ghana Evangelical Society (GES), at the weekend noted that God has established a marriage covenant with Ghana, and cautioned that any government that attempts to break it would be overthrown.

Brother Enoch Agbozo stressed: “The marriage between God and Ghana is not between political parties and their leaders, churches or individuals and anybody who establishes another covenant with other gods has not only sin against Jehovah but Ghana.” Bro Agbozo gave the warning during a special church service of the GES in Accra.

He said God has chosen Ghana as a dreamed and blessed nation for Africa and that the country would reject any different covenant. Bro Agbozo said: “Anybody who wants to rule Ghana should go by the established covenant between God and Ghana and should not be broken by anybody.”

He said God is using the country as a model nation for Africa and therefore, all negative powers and spiritual forces that would draw Her back must be fought for the growth of the nation.

Source: GNA