Dear God, it's me again ooo. Don't get tired of me because I have no where to go.

Ehen the last time I was reading your word when you said, anything I ask of you you will give me. I know you don't lie so please don't start with me. For years I have asked you for this one thing but you are not saying anything ooh. I don't want to believe you have not heard oh because your word says even before I open my mouth you already know what am about to say. So why am I saying this one out loud and you are not saying anything.

God please don't tell my mother oh, she has been forcing me to marry and settle down as if being single means am floating. Am going to tell her you (God) say I should wait. if she does not agree, I will leave the two of you to sought it out.

Something BIG was about to happen to me at work, when all of a sudden it was put on hold and those little devils in the office are laughing at your daughter. Am not doing Konkonsa but they say ( am quoting what they said ooo) " let's see what her God can do". So God please act now ooo otherwise they will be laughing at US.

God I talk to you most of the time but you don't talk back, then when I go and do what I want then you vex. Why didn't you tell me in the first place you didnt like it so I dont go ahead with it.

Sometimes when I wrong you, you critise me but when you allow sometime bad to happen to me you still say I should PRAISE in good and bad times. Sorry, don't vex am just drawing your attention to it. I can go on and on but you are a very busy God so I will end here but please read my letter before you attend to anybody( am not commanding you, am just pleading).

Your Only Daughter: Sheila