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Thread: Gay Celebs Exposed

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    BBoy T

    Default Gay Rappers and Ballers On the Down Low

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    BBoy T

    Default Gay Celebs Exposed

    Top-rated radio personality Wendy Williams has been called “The Queen of Dish.‿ “Shock-Jock Diva.‿ Even “The Mouth Almighty.‿
    During her afternoon drive-time show, “The Wendy Williams Experience,‿ on New York City’s WBLS-FM, she’s a gal on the loose. In a rapid-fire voice that’s all brass and sass, she bounces from gossip, to advice, to in-your-face commentary, to interviews. Sometimes she even spins a song or two. Whether she’s talking about celebrities or herself, you can bet it will be blunt.

    Wendy Williams TELLS ALL!!! Hold on to your seats everyone, Wendy has released the names of the Gay & Bi Celebs.. and lots more juice!
    This is in the industry....(Gay and Bi Males) Rappers who are bi or gay lets go with the men because the women are obvious:
    Method Man
    Puffy does it for control I think
    Dr. Dre is straight up living a big lie Tyrese hit Sisqo for coming on to him in a studio
    Actually I think McLyte is still with Pam from Martin
    Russell Simmons throws gay parties
    I heard things about LL too
    Marlon Wayans (not Shawn)
    of course Will Smith
    Tyson Beckford
    * NBA Players:
    Chris Webber..Steve Frances..Mobley guy from Houston...Damion from Portland
    And I'm sure there are a lot more, and they all date woman or are married .....
    groupies beware !!! >
    There is a crew of bisexual actresses that hang out together and most of them are married. They include:
    Jada Pinkett
    Jasmine Guy
    Cree Summer
    Tichina Arnold
    Tisha Campbell
    Debbie Allen, who apparently turned out the whole cast of A Different World.
    Beyonce is NOT the only one with a bad breath problem, Juvenile's breath is WORST
    Larenze Tate is FINE but he is an arrogant a-hole
    Alicia Keys DOES, I repeat DOES have a boyfriend, whether or not it's a cover-up,
    I don't know but the both of them seem really serious about each other, so I doubt it..
    By the way she is NOT 22, she's 26...
    Kelis is NOT 23 she's 28...You can even look it up yourselves,
    She graduated from her high school class of '92
    Nas is one of the coolest mofo's in the industry. He doesn't socialize with everybody (which I can 't blame him for) but he has ! to be one of thee most laid back people I know. One problem though, he 's just a weed and dust addict
    Kelly Rowland is a nice person, but I think she's a lesbian
    Michelle Williams is extremely skinny and she has serious self-esteem problems
    Mark Wahlberg aka Marky Mark has a huge d **k for a white boy..I've seen it
    I also heard that Brandy has a funky cooch..don't know how true this is though..
    I honestly never met the chick.
    More Gossip from Wendy Williams:
    Wingo from Jagged Edge is a weed attic, he loves strip joints and taking exstacy,
    his shower has hair all in it and he is having sex with his cleaning
    lady/interior decorator, who is 40 years old......
    Mya gets around. Ever wonder why such a pretty girl is s!ingle in the industry...well hold on to your hats for this cause here's her "hit"list...Jayz, Damon Dash, Sisqo, 50 Cent,
    Just Blaze, Silk tha Shocker, and Lil X (the video
    director)....I hear she stooped even lower and has added Lil' John now...

    Alot of them Lakers are cheats I know first hand.
    I'll tell you a secret I know....Shaq has a mistress in Dallas,TX. He bought her a house and he spends his time with her when he is in town. He called up one of the stations one time
    and asked if he could dedicate "Piece Of My Love" by Guy to her. (off air, of course).
    Allen Iverson is rude.....he told "us" he hated white
    girls and refused to tip one at the strip club one night hanging......

    Tyrese has white bumps on his "manhood". A female voluntarily told me she had sex with him and saw it.....
    DMX isn't the only one smoking crack rock.....(drum roll) his wife does it too....
    Mr. Irv Gotti was caught by his wife at! a hotel a couple years ago with a groupie. She banged on the door and beat him down and was arrested for it, but her dumb butt went back to him anyway. He is still with the groupie
    till this day......

    Serena has dated Keyshawn Johnson, Corey Maggette and a couple of other no name athletes....word on the street is they all talk about how fine
    she is but how bad she smells during sex.......
    Beyonce is not innocent - she had an abortion at age 18. She was pregnant by her ex, Lindell who resides in Houston,

    Kelly Rowland is now dating Roy Williams of the Dallas Cowboys....
    Laker player, Rick Fox and wife, Vanessa Williams are both infected with herpes. She contracted it from her ex-hubby which was one of the reasons they split. Somehow Rick didn't care and married her for love anyway. They
    have one child named Sasha together, who she delivered through c-section.....

    Halle's no good in bed. She refuses to give brain" and when she does she's ! lousy. Ms. Berry acts too good now, but back in her Jungle Fever days she was boning both Wesley
    and Spike...........Wesley beat her when he found out.... Loon has a male lover. Yes. Mr. Loon prefers to be on the bottom and hopes this secret never gets out."

    more pics- http://www.indiesent.com/puffy1.html


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    Damn, that's some info right there. I hope they are all rumours because if they are true then the whole industry is really messed up.

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    Boss, this ish has been going on for years. Brothers on the DL for fame, doing A-listers and such for spots on TV,record deals etc. It's sad indeed.

    Check out the lyrics of ICE CUBE's "NO VASELINE"...
    Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow. ~Aesop

    Ignorance can be educated,drunkenness sobered,craziness medicated but there is no cure for STUPIDITY

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    Hmm, all that glitters isn't Gold. The things these rappers do for fame !

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    This right here is what hurts me the most. All this gone to the dogs. What a waste of some good u know what !
    Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow. ~Aesop

    Ignorance can be educated,drunkenness sobered,craziness medicated but there is no cure for STUPIDITY

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    BBoy T


    The funny thing is she thinks her "gayness" wasn't that obvious. I knew from the day she starred in the movie SET IT OFF. She played the lesbo role too well.

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