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7th October 2011, 05:02 AM
Who would have thought fashion trends would come to people pulling their pants and exposing their butts
This act of sagging is something that have eating deep into our community that even in cooperate organization people sag. I don't need to even tell about some of my colleagues in the office that sags even their suits.
though before now this fashion trend have been known to be popular amongst the young ones but as it stands the older populace are beginning to present a fair representation in the sagging world. Something happened today that made me want to ask this question will sagging ever end, on my way back from work today i was driving right behind a commercial motor bike that had on it a fair, big, thick skinned, middle aged woman guess should be in her late 40s, she was putting on a navy blue tight jeans with spider colored short top. and between the top and the jeans was this visible space that you cant pass without wanting to know whats inside. i peeped tho, but i don't need to tell what i saw cos its one of the most disgusting sights you would want to behold (immagine a fat buttocks in a thorn it was white should i call it g string or an undersized normal pant) but that not withstanding i beheld the worst of sights was when the bike dropped her, i was expecting her to pull up her trousers the moment she dropped from the bike but instead a woman whom if care is not taken her first child might have graduated from the university placed her hand on her waist band noticed that her belt line was at the middle of her gluteal max (buttocks) turned back paid the bike guy turned back again this time at me in passing (guess her instinct told her i was looking) and smiled

its obvious that sagging has come to be a norm in our society but the question is will sagging ever go away?

7th October 2011, 09:30 AM
I wonder if these people are aware of how sagging started in the US. People just copy blindly any and everything that comes from "abrokyire"......(SMH) God help us.