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5th October 2011, 11:09 PM
Crazy, controversial and award winning Ghanaian hiphop act, Kwaw ‘Abodam’ Kese has hit hard at some Ghanaian music acts. In an interview with Delay, the bold Kwaw Kese stated that Ghanaians miss good/sweet music.

Kwaw Kese who is seriously promoting three singles off his upcoming album says “most of the new songs on the market are chaskele.” He intimates that Ghanaians lack the great music that used to excite the country and describes most of the new songs on the market as perishable songs. Describing new artistes and the songs they do, he said, “all those people are not stars, they are song stars. Their songs dont last, they only last a week or two and it’s gone.”

Kwaw Kesse

“Pop, pop and the boys who do them, most of them are yawa guys. The ayigbe pop, twi pop, nzema pop, whatever pop, all those dem people are yawa guys, ” he said. However, asked whether his statement about twi pop artistes apply to Dr Chryme, he said even though Dr Cryme didn’t create the genre as most people think, he does fine twi pop which should be commended.

waw added that VIP’s ‘I Think I Like Am’ is a serious song and described songs like Shashewowo by Stay Jay, ''The Thing'' by Atumpan, 'U Sey Wetin' by Ziggy and similar songs as good songs, songs of today that are clearing the air for better songs.

Kwaw Kese shares the view of StoneBwoy and he says “If it’s real it has to be hiphop, or reggae or dancehall”, describing what a good real song should be. In addition, he admonished upcoming artistes to be original and stop the imitation staying that singing like Nigerians and using expressions like “I Dey kolo” defeats the Ghanaian heritage of the music being produced by upcoming artistes.

Kwaw Kese believes that he’s graduated from a street rapper to a “degree holding” rapper and Ghanaians should expect a lot from him this year. Kwaw Kese’s “No More” featuring StoneBwoy and “Popping” featuring Dadie Opanka are enjoying massive airplay countrywide. Watch out for the other single “Eye Wo A” featuring SK Blinkz.

Source: Broadwayghana.com