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3rd October 2011, 03:57 AM

Vevi the squirrel disobeys an elder by climbing the sacred tree...he falls and injures his leg...his friends hear him cry, but come only to laugh at him...one of them finally calls a doctor who bandages Vevi...Vevi is still in pain and accuses the doctor of being fake...everyone leaves rude Vevi in the forest by himself...

Verse 1:
Veverita sa suiit in pom (The squirrel climbed into a tree)
Si de acolo, a cazut jos (And from there it fell down)
Vai saraca, ce rau a patit (Poor thing, it really suffered)
Picorusul, tare la lovit... (It hit it's leg so hard...)

Awoleu veverita 8x (Poor squirrel)

One day like dat b
Som squirrel get up wey e go climb tree
Den e dey rosh gidigidi
Mek u com see, the way e tishwii
E start scream for help dey cry
Be like e break e leg
E paddies com around
Surround am plus laughter
One of dem bell the doctor

Verse 2:
Vine doctor, intro greaba (The doctor comes in a hurry)
Picorusul, acolo il leaga (Bandages the squirrel's leg)
Domnul doctor, ce rau ma doare (Mr.Doctor, it hurts me so bad)
Mi-ai legato, foarte tare... (You tied it too tight...)

Awoleu veverita 8x

Rap 2:
Fastest doctor arrive
Check the squirrel e leg bandage am
Squirrel tell am say
E b yawa doctor, e damage am
Y say the pain no go away
Wey ridey e make more mome?
U b foolish squirrel
B like dey no teach u better thing for home!

King Ayisoba verse in Frafra

Awoleu veverita 8x

Adapted from a Romanian lullaby my mother used to sing me to sleep with...

Directed, filmed & edited by Jay Hill
Backdrop painting, puppets & puppet costumes by 2heads
Painted puppet masks & by Moskito
Set design by Wanlov The Kubolor & Jay Hill
Produced by Jay Hill, Wanlov The Kubolor, Pidgen Music & OM Studios

Written by Wanlov The Kubolor & King Ayisoba
Violin by Filippo Bonini Baraldi
Accordion by Jerome Pierre Soulas

Song is off the "Brown Card - African Gypsy" album available worldwide on iTunes