View Full Version : Big Mamas, Most Beautiful Girls buzz Joy FM Family Party in the Park

2nd October 2011, 11:56 PM
Wow! But that was real fun. I mean if you weren’t at the third edition of the Joy FM Family Party in the Park at the Legon Botanical Gardens on Saturday, it’s your big, big loss.

Heavyweight mamas, (some actually dead weights, except they were no load to themselves or anybody else given their agility) on the dance floor and at the musical chairs, plus a bevy of beauties from Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant on TV3 who came to wiggle and boogie to good music and food.

There was enough to eat at the party

In the comfortable shades of the “forested” trees of the Botanical Gardens, fathers were cuddling, nannying, or walking little family members, while moms spread varieties of family favourite camping foods and games.

Kids ran after one bouncy castle or chased a cartoon character or went for face and body painting, while others went horse riding.

Everywhere one turned, a happy smile planted on the lips of a partying individual elicited a good requite, and even when the rains threatened to dampen an otherwise sun-shining day, spirits remained flamboyantly high – no, the rains were not going to spoil anyone’s day.

The rains did pour down, seeping through the canopy of green leaves mounted by the garden trees, and managed momentarily to scatter revelers – everyone dashing for cover under the many tents or large umbrellas provided by organisers. A great forethought.

And even while the rains poured, several culinary dishes steamed hot, flavoured by Onga seasonings, and little queues here and there picnicked pleasantly.

3rd October 2011, 12:49 AM
there are really some fat pple in Ghana

3rd October 2011, 02:35 AM
asem oo...some of them really got moves even with their size. I know some slim 'macho' girls who cant even do half of what these obolo's did :D