View Full Version : Ghana’s judicial system not always fair - Okudzeto

2nd October 2011, 12:24 PM
A former President of the Ghana Bar Association, Samuel Okudzeto has slammed Ghana’s justice system describing it as occasionally "unfair".

He said there are many innocent people being incarcerated daily because the justice system failed to provide them with fair trials.

Mr. Okudzeto who is worried about the situation has urged all stakeholders including members of the judiciary to be committed to reforming the justice system.

Samuel Okudzeto

He is also passionate about making the conditions in prisons across the country humane for the inmates.

Mr. Okudzeto was speaking at a lecture to commemorate the centenary of the late William Ofori Attah, one of the Big Six.

He said “righteousness, justice are beautiful slogans but require dedicated people to ensure that that is established.

"Someone said that if we think that our rights are right because they are written in the constitution then we deceive ourselves. It may be in the constitution but it requires the dedication of a people to ensure that it is established.

"So all of us as Ghanaians owe it as a duty and responsibility to ensure that there is justice in the land. It is not the lawyers because there are many people in prison who are innocent.

"They are innocent but they are inside the prison because of the system that we have given ourselves”