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13th September 2010, 01:53 PM
For some time now movie lovers have been treated to the best, when it comes to the storylines, directing, editing, locations, characters, costumes, lights and props. These technicalities have being drastically improved by our movie makers in and outside the country.

One will cry foul on the Nigerian invasion in our movie markets, as they come in different ways, if not in directing, executive producer, editor or marketer. As to its positive impact on our movies produced locally it is a clear fact for all to see.

The Nigerian invasion have challenged our local movie makers on how to make a well accepted movie by all standards in society, from storylines, directing, editing, locations, props and costumes. Also on the level of marketing the invasion has pushed many local marketers and distributors to get more involved in the production process.

That to me is a good sign for our local movie industry, on the issue of Directors; the Nigerian Invasion has done more good than harm. This is because movie celebrities (actors and actresses) have come to realize how important it is to over work a little bit in order to get a good role, ‘they help us a lot, in being real the Nigerian directors do well but not withstanding our local directors capabilities, one actress told entertainmentinghana.com”.

They have pushed our movie industry to become very competitive, as anything cheap from a local director will be thrown away by local movie lovers.

The question of whether they have over stayed their welcome, is a big“NO” until we are able to equal and over them in classes of movie from local movie producers, from directing, editing to locations, etc we should not dream of asking them to leave.

Check your movie houses, those who produce high standard movie for the middle age income earner and you will know that majority of them has a Nigerian, how then do we say good bye to them.

Base on my assessment for the beginning of this year till now, I put together my top 5 movies so far. Let me state that criteria is based on three things;

* Storylines
* Camera Movements and Angels.
* Editing.

Therefore in the case of any misunderstanding or difference in opinion, send your top 5 movie review from the beginning of the year till now. Also note that month duration are not used in my review, hence it involves July.

Number 5: Check Mate by Sparrow Productions.

This is simply on the bases of the story line not being too unique and original and one can predict the next line of action in the movie, as it is an everyday story told by the writer/Director. Congrats to Sparrow Productions for their excellent camera work.

Number 4: Kiss Me If You Can by Muda FIlmz.

An every day story is told of what one will do for love and life, but the suspense nature of Kiss Me If You Can makes it difficult for one to predict the net line of action in the movie. Even though the director could have worked on his characters, locations and editing some more the suspense made my mark.

Number 3: THE GAME by Raj Productions:

Don’t get it wrong, an excellent movie, with a unique touch of editing, directing, and camera work could not make number 2 simply because in our part of the word, GUNs are rarely handed and the director could have told a story of suspense in a different angle. Congrats to the team for excellent work on characters.

Number 2: Double by KSM.

Are you surprise, don’t be, when a director is able to parade a less known characters in the movie industry, works on them to produce an original Storyline different from any other storyline told so far, it demands to be rewarded. The director gets his storyline right, “POLITICS”, treats his camera well and polishes his directing, he needs to be at number 2.

Number 1: TRINITY by Guapado Filmz.

Have you ever tried solving a puzzle that seems to be unsolved, especially those that are found in the newspapers very complicated? It will only take the smart to beat the deal that is how a good story was told by director Pascal. A life puzzle is told just like how the good book says ‘God knows the beginning from the end”, in TRINITY the end is the beginning of the movie, what a story. With brilliant work on editing, camera movements, locations, costumes and exquisite directing, Trinity stands tall among all.

There you have it, my movie review for movies released so far in the industry.

Source: Pharrel Adu Amankwaah/entertainmentinghana.com

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
15th September 2010, 07:22 PM
Never heard of any of them. Good to know tho'.

16th September 2010, 03:29 PM
As for you Pope you make yourself American boy LOL

26th September 2010, 09:33 AM
Nowadays, in their bid to rival Hollywood they have been lacing the movies with ashawo scenes.

27th September 2010, 03:44 PM
Lets see...I'm gonna watch these 5 and see if they really good as claimed....Feedback after I'm done..lol

Fashion Yaa
4th October 2010, 08:41 PM
is an ace movie. Classy in every way....its like the most rich Ghanaian film Ive seen in A LONGGGG time

I will beg to differ on KISS ME IF YOU CAN just did not do it for me.

I have yet to see DOUBLE though the adverts look cool

5th October 2010, 12:32 AM
Well Trinity was good. Alot of suspense and that lil girl was so smart. But pls CHECKMATE is better than KISS ME IF YOU CAN.

Fashion Yaa
6th October 2010, 03:38 PM
Well Trinity was good. Alot of suspense and that lil girl was so smart. But pls CHECKMATE is better than KISS ME IF YOU CAN.

that lil girl yeah you right she was sooo good and convincing as Nadia's daughter, heck Nadia was convincing as a single mother trying to do it for herself.

I will watch Kiss Me If you Can again, this time with a open mind and see if I still feel it aint all that

Fashion Yaa
7th October 2010, 01:59 AM
Okay perhaps I was too harsh on KISS ME IF YOU CAN. Ive never directed a movie or acted in one before, or written one so I say for the simple fact that all of this was executed by a young cat-no shaking-I see why its in the top 5. After-all he actually did it and it should be applauded, perhaps he'll improve in the next film.