View Full Version : bleeding wearing HighHeals? smh cheer up here's a tip

Fashion Yaa
25th September 2011, 07:32 PM
USE a bit of vaseline...nkuto....aloe vera ...... or even a bit of your lip balm like carmax.

Just saw this lady with REDness at the heal of her shoe and she was wearing flats at that i could not help but lament 'emse broni ba way a gyimi' i mean what made me pissed was she kept stopping every so often to put tissue paper to cover her bleeding heal SMDH LMAO ROTFL, tissue paper paaaaaa.

Alright folks the key to wearing high heals is a spot of nkuto/vasaline in those part of ur toes which rubs against your high heals....also make sure u are able to wiggle ur toes freely in those heals even if u must go a half inch higher than ur normal shoe size or even your regular size with a W(wide)