View Full Version : Girl pours hot oil on her friend

22nd September 2011, 01:17 AM
Everyday one hears different ugly stories of young girls on Nigerian campuses who prostitute themselves to older wealthier men for money, bags, weaves and lord knows what else. There are organized prostitution rings complete with pimps who have girls on standby for all the politicians, business men and corporate honchos who desire the sleaze these girls offer.
Having said that, there is always a downside to all the ‘fun” these girls believe they are having and recently an as yet unnamed female found this out when her friend and fellow “runs – girl” threatened to deal with her after finding out she had been sleeping with her ”aristo”.
Deal with her she did – by pouring scalding hot oil on her friend resulting in the horrific burns you see in the picture above. The first picture is the victim before the incident.

When will these girls ever learn? Below is the picture of the alleged “friend” who poured the hot oil.