View Full Version : Looking for love in all the wrong places - by Autymn

21st September 2011, 02:26 PM
Iíve searched the earth and the heavens above

Iíve sailed all seven seas looking for a life of love

And most times, I find a percentage of what I seek,

There can be no greater find than sincere love to me.

Iím not talking about errotic that makes you high,

Iím talking about a real love for which you would die.

Didnít know my dad and my mother and me dont agree,

I still donít understand the way she chooses to love me.

Iíve looked for love in vodka, gin, and juice,

In the hope of finding love, even my body has been misused.

Some kisses planted on my body, I canít shake away,

I didnít want them then; I just wanted someone to stay.

Iíve put the bottle down and picked it back up again

And yes Iíve tried to find true love in my friends.

A treasure map of my travels will lead you to see,

How far Iíve traveled to find true love by the sea.

Follow the dots, youíll know where not to venture,

If youíre looking for love not subject to indenture.

Some ventures were thrilling, and others were fun.

Itís exciting somtimes when youíre in love on the run.

But when you board the boat again and out at sea,

To love and be loved is all one wants to be.

Fashion Yaa
22nd September 2011, 08:45 AM
Ohhh Autymn very poinyant..all beatniks like me are snapping fingers :) ..u managed to capture a full circle of the child that never knew father's love, but also the universal want of love is indeed without boundries....thanks neo