View Full Version : I Only Exist In Cyberspace - BY Autymn

21st September 2011, 02:19 PM
I only exist in cyberspace.

I have no name, age, preference or gender.

No stock market, bank account or monetary tender.

I have no features, no feelings, no race.

I only exist in cyberspace.

Hyperlinks and pingbacks are how you reach me,

No personal contact, no misinterpretations,

No rights or wrongs or expectations.

I donít read body language or the lines in your face.

I only exist in cyberspace.

 HTML, Blogs, Tags, Clicks, and Coding,

Is what I do while the world is emoting.

I have no fears, no fate, or silly girl dreams

You find me in posts, RSS feeds, and streams.

I have no rent, cell phone bills, and no cozy fireplace.

I only exist in cyberspace.

I donít have thoughts, Divine callings, no need for sleep.

Only Spell Check, Grammar Check, Margins and Delete .

No loses, or wins, and if necessary:

Cut, Paste, Reformat any commentary.

No need for apologies, self-improvement or grace.

I only exist in cyberspace.

Search me in Google, Type in my name.

Find what you will, itís all the same.

I have no purpose, no passion, no face.

I only exist in cyberspace