View Full Version : George Berthou, Half Ghanaian & Half French Actor Enters The Ghana movie Industry

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
20th September 2011, 01:23 PM

The Ghana Movie Industry has seen many changes. Nevertheless, it appears the industry has reached a stage where it has opened its arms for light-skinned or mixed race actors.
Talking about light-skinned actors, Majid Michel, Van Vicker, Frank Artus, Nadia Buari, Juliet Ibrahim, Nikki Samonas, Zynnel Zuh among others come in mind.

A section of the public holds the view that producers seemed to rely on light-skinned actors to sell their movies since Ghanaians were obsessed with fair-looking actors.
Joining the light-skinned clique is George Berthou. George is an actor and an aspiring director. “Actually I’m an actor but I studied directing a bit, so I have directed a movie titled ‘Genesis’,” he told GhanaCelebrities.Com.
His mother hails from the Ashanti Region of Ghana and his father is from France, making him a half Ghanaian and a half French.

The actor, born in France and brought to Ghana at an early age, has been in the industry for little over five years and done over 25 movies and directed one. He believed that, among all his movies, ‘Love & Bullet’ brought him the fame he was now enjoying.
He debunked the assertion that his light-skinned colour had been an advantage to him, however agreeing that there were some light-skinned actors whose acting abilities were questionable and yet very active in the industry.

“It’s not my main reason for being in the industry. I believe I’m blessed with the talent that I must make good use of it before I pass on to my maker. So, it’s not because I’m fair or because of my complexion or whatever. It is but because I want to exhibit that talent I have. That’s the main reason. I can tell you that there are a whole of fair guys out there who cannot act, and if you cannot act, why are they still there?”

According to George, after getting the opportunity to feature in his first movie, he decided to further his studies by taking a course in directing. George doesn’t look up to any actor in Ghana but considers Majid Michel as the best in Ghana.
Aside English, George speaks fluent Twi and little French. He has featured in movies such as ‘Love & Bullet’, ‘Genesis’, ‘No Sex No Wedding’, ‘Sika Ba’ and ‘Dirty Game’.
Source: ghanacelebrities