View Full Version : I'm so excited to be in Africa; but I'm not from Africa – Amber Rose

20th September 2011, 03:29 AM
American super model, Amber Rose, who is scheduled to headline this year’s Vodafone 020 Live concert alongside R&B super star Trey Songz, D’banj and some local artistes landed in Accra Sunday.

First time in Africa, the model, who is also famous for her high profile relationships with hiphop acts such as Kanye West and currently Wiz Khalifa, has proclaimed, “I’m so excited!” to be in Africa.

Immediately she landed Sunday, she tweeted, “Just landed in Ghana, everyone here is so sweet! I really can’t believe I’m in Africa right now! God is great.”

Her days in Ghana started with visit to an arts village of retailers of sculptors and other artifacts behind the Arts Centre in Accra. She was welcomed by a group of drummers who gave her a feel of the African music.

After treating her to some tunes, the drummers said it was their way of welcoming her home but the model, who has modelled for several international brands including Louis Vuitton and also walked the runway of several international fashion shows including the New York Fashion Week, told them, politely, she wasn’t from Africa.

The drummers however did not give up as they said, “We are all brothers and sisters, everyone comes from Africa. Welcome home Amber.”

Amber Rose later tweeted that, "The guys played for me and said they wanted to welcome me home, naturally I told them I wasn't from Africa..."

She further acknowledged on her page: “TeamAmberRose and I went to a village in Ghana today [Sunday] we laughed, cried and the locals made us really cool bracelets. It was an amazing experience.”

Amber Rose will be taking the stage Tuesday, September 20 with Trey Songz and D’banj alongside local acts - VIP, Five5, R2Bees, Stay Jay, D Cyme and RnM - in what is expected to be the biggest concert yet to hit the Dome of the Accra International Centre.

Ahead of the Tuesday show, Amber who has been at the forefront of women empowerment is expected to give credence to the importance of girl-child education to students at the Islamic Training Institute JHS, Alwaalid JHS, and the Institute of Islamic Studies all in Kanda in Accra Monday.

She will relate with the students and also provide autographed reading books to them.

Rose during her celebrity life has also made cameos in music videos such as Ludacris' What Them Girls Like, Young Jeezy's Vacation, Mary Mary's God in Me, Nicki Minaj's Massive Attack, and Fabolous You Be Killin' Em.