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19th September 2011, 10:19 PM
Millicent Ansomah Suzie, winner of Miss NEWS-ONE segment of the debut edition of Exopa’s Fashion Café, has been speaking about her experience during the show.

The beauty queen said she looked forward to a great career in modeling and that she was currently available for offers from any person or company in search of models.

The first time she did a bikini show, she said, was devoid of shyness. She said it rather made her confident, which was one of the marks of top models. “I feel sexy in the bikinis,” she told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview last Wednesday.

She said as a model she was aware of the challenges including insults from people who were not comfortable with the idea of wearing bikinis and doing professional ---- photos for magazines. However, she psyched herself up for criticisms right from when she made the decision to make modeling a career.

Millicent, who has been modeling since 2009 after her training at the Modees Modeling Agency at Ashale Botwe, a suburb of Accra, hails from Kwahu Mpraeso.

She is a graduate of International School of Aviation at Tema, where she studied Shipping Management. But she packed her certificate under her pillow to pursue her passion, which is modeling.

Excerpts of her interview below:

Why Modeling

Modeling has been my dream since childhood. I was not surprised I grew this tall because that was my prayer when I was growing up. I wanted to be a model and I became tall like that.

How did you start modeling?

After school of Aviation a friend told me about Modees Modeling Agency at Ashale Botwe in 2009. I went to train there and since then I have been modeling.

So how has the experience been like?

I will not say it has been good but this is just the beginning. So I am hoping for more opportunities. That is what I want now.

Who do you look up to in modeling?

Tyra Banks. I just want to be like her and how she has come so far. Since the beginning of her career, people have been saying she is pessimistic, trying to talk her out of it.

How did your parents accept your modeling career?

My mum didn’t want me to. She tried to talk me out of it. My family didn’t like the idea of being a model. They see it as doing nothing but I still wanted to do it because that is what I want. That is why I am in it. My family sees it as something that will not last.

How do you feel when they tell you that?

It dampens my spirit and I try to enlighten them about modeling as a career. It got to a time when I even decided to quit. I really wanted to quit but the zeal and passion in me kept me in.

So how far do you intend to go with the dream?

Very far. Through modeling I want to go into acting. I will work hard and take opportunities that come my way.

Any other challenges?

As a model there are some pictures you need to take. Some consist of ---- photos but people will see that and say it is not nice or it is bad to society. When you take such photos and it is in the magazine and people see it, they say this girl is a whore or prostitute. But I want them to know that it is part of the job. When they see that they should not insult us and see it as part of the job.

Have you done any ---- photos before?

Not yet, but I am ready.

How do you want to do it?

Cover my breast and my private part and bend or lie on the floor.

Are you ready for the criticism that will come with it?

I am ready because I have already experienced that with my family. I don’t think coming from people outside will break me.

What did your family say after seeing you as Miss NEWS-ONE?

I was surprised, my mum was happy for me. She wasn’t like didn’t I warn you not to do that? My mum knows what’s best for me. She knows it will get me going in life.

How do you feel in bikinis?

I feel sexy.

Your expectation as the winner of Miss NEWS-ONE?

I expect to get more jobs that will help make people notice me. I also hope it makes me bigger so that other girls will look up to me.

Source: news-one