View Full Version : Man dies trying to steal from the grave

19th September 2011, 07:51 PM
AN unidentified man, in his thirties, was found dead yesterday at a grave site, while apparently attempting to rob a corpse in Kazaure, Jigawa State.
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The man was said to be attempting to exhume the corpse, which had been buried earlier on Sunday morning, in an effort to steal some valuables said to have been buried with it.

While making the attempt, the loose earth collapsed, trapping the man as shown in the picture. He died on the spot.

He was found, hours later, dead, but onlookers said it appeared that he had struggled to free himself from the grave site, but could not.

From the injuries sustained on his head, it was apparent that he had hit his head on an object in the grave which, perhaps, made him unable to free himself.

Also, sympathisers said he might have been knocked unconscious, and so could not have been able to shout for help.

Investigations could not, however, ascertain how he was related to the corpse, or how he knew what valuables had been buried with it, as his corpse was yet to be claimed at the time of filing this report.