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7th September 2010, 07:02 PM
Since the release of her hot single, Bo Wonsem Ma Me in 2009, the vivacious and foxy singer Eazzy has become one of the firm favourites of Ghanaian youths.

When she followed up her first release with the huge party banger, Wengeze, it became clear that Eazzy had arrived on the Ghanaian music scene with a new brand of provocative and alluring pop music.

Her third single, Get Into My Pants is already making waves, and judging by the response she had when she performed the song at her album launch last weekend in Accra, it was obvious that she’s got another hit single on the cards.

Eazzy launched her debut album, Twinkle at the Silver Star Towers and it was interesting to observe that most of her fans were young guys.

While it is easy to appreciate that she would be admired by the boys for her sex appeal it was incredible seeing the boys sing along with her.

When Eazzy asked them to clap they did; when she asked them to bend down low, they did; and when she asked them to “get into her pants”, they clearly wished they could.

Eazzy was supported at the launch by her label-mates from Lynx Entertainment, including Richie, Asem and OJ Blaq. There was also a performance by guest artistes, VIP and appearances by the likes of Tinny, Kwaku-T and D-Black.

8th September 2010, 03:56 AM
You remember the teenage years. she's cool

BBoy T
8th September 2010, 04:54 PM
Her music is catchy and she has the looks.