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18th September 2011, 02:34 PM
Yesterday, the streets were very pleasant, serene and modest to look at. Yesterday, slit and kaba were amongst the most decent Ghanaian cloths one could find, but today new foreign fashions has been inculcated into sewing this once decent slit and kaba with very low cut necklines exposing cleavages, breast, bare backs and even thighs.

Even in some Junior and Senior high schools, students are at times made to still wear their ‘decent’ school uniforms to vacation classes but not home cloths just to curb indecent dressing. Even these school uniforms, some female students would still cut down the length to make it shorter to expose their thighs.


When one visits a corporate institution such as a bank today, its not hard to spot female cashiers attending to customers with their shirts slightly unbuttoned at the top exposing their cleavages, tips of their breast and at times their brassiers without feeling the least remorse. As to whether it’s a marketing strategy to attract more customers, I can tell.

The recently introduced ‘Friday wear’ in cooperate institutions has also taken a negative turn with some ladies clothed in provocative and indecent dresses on Fridays.

Indecency has fast gained roots to the extent that even funerals that are supposed to be sad occasions for us to part ways with our dead loved ones are now attended with indecently sewed funeral dresses.

Some old women nowadays also deliberately refuse to recognize the fact that they have long outlived their youthful age, yet they still dress up like teenagers.

For instance, matured students in the Universities just cannot see the reason why they should not also dress up like the University young ladies in their early twenties - forgetting that they are in their forties. These matured students in challenging their fellow younger course mates are fond of wearing childish cloths that would leave a cloud of doubt as to who is the adult and who is the child?

At lectures, whenever, a lady sits down her top raises - exposing not only her back but portions of their waist beads, underwears and even buttocks. Surprisingly, they seem very much unconcerned.

Worst of all, should a lady is alighting from a public bus (trotro) - unpleasant and unmentionable images are exposed to the human eye.

Having said that, women who have lived part of their lives abroad also tend to bring weird and alien cultures home. In the hot afternoon or cold evening, they can be sighted in a very short shorts popularly termed “hot shorts” with a very tiny top exposing their stomach holding the hands of their children dressed in similar fashion.


Inevitably, theses children will also grow up to pick up theses bad habits.Its worth noting that, these cultures are alien to the Ghanaian society.

Evening dresses at times called dinner dresses have now being warmly embraced by the young as well as the old. Evening dressed are now an eyesore to look at. These dresses virtually reveal ones naked body.
One need not to be a fashion specialist to know that one's physique should be considered very much in choosing the appropriate attires. For instance a plumb lady would only make a mockery of herself being in cloths meant for skinny models hence exposing excess flesh. Also some particular dinner dresses does not suit one with a heavy chest yet the heavy chested Ghanaian lady would just not understand why she cannot also wear the same thing as her fellow skinny colleague.
Undeniably, shows like Ghana music awards and the likes create a fertile ground to portray indecent “killer” dresses in the name of evening wear. It’s not surprising that a show like “A night of 1001 laughs” has been nicknamed “A night of 1001 exposed breasts”.

It’s very much heartbreaking to walk into a lady’s room to find her fast asleep in her sleepwear popularly termed ‘nightee’, these sleepwears are not only transparent but also exposes virtually every part of the lady. Some argue that these exposed sleepwears allow for free air circulation in ones body at night. But for Christ’s sake the modern Ghanaian lady is virtually naked the whole day, therefore she now rather stands a high chance of contracting pneumonia by further exposing yourself.

From my point of view, the Ghanaian lady easily and readily makes something indecent out of the least opportunity she gets.
Today we claim to be civilized, yet we walk about the streets virtually naked like our fore-fathers did in the stone age.

In a nutshell, the modern Ghanaian lady goes to work indecently dressed, comes home to change into indecent cloths and finally goes to bed indecently dressed.Surprisingly, educated illiterates blindly see all these as fashion and not indecency

Where is decency? He once walked the streets freely but has today been exiled. Please let’s reinstate this great citadel of decency that once existed. For it does not speak well of us as a people.

Source: ghanaweb

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
18th September 2011, 06:03 PM
Do they deliberately make the top of the attire smaller in order to suffocate the twins ?