View Full Version : housewife turns deadly killer

18th September 2011, 04:25 AM
For 43-year-old Vincent Omeje, this was not what he bargained for when he tied the knots with his wife, Chidera twelve years ago. The Nsukka, Enugu State- born trader was attacked by five armed men who stormed his apartment at No. 10, Awka-Etiti Street, Comfort Obot, Kirikiri, Lagos and gave him a beaten of his life. In fact, his attackers left him to die from serious injuries he sustained thereafter. He was however lucky as his they left him when they thought he was dead. Shockingly, the man who led the five armed attackers to his home, was the younger brother to his wife, and he allegedly ordered his goons to snuff life out of his in-law.

Narrating his ordeal to Crime Guard from his hospital bed, Mr. Omeje said; “It started early this month when I returned from a trip to Abuja and when I got home, I discovered that my wife had allowed her siblings into our home and they were not ready to leave any sooner. After waiting for some days for them to pack and leave back to their homes, I realized that they were not even ready to go. So, I was left with no other option than to ask them to leave. But that wasn’t quite easy, my wife and her sisters started raining all manners of abuses and profanities on me. Their father also called in from the village threatening to deal with me even if I ran to Nsukka, my home town. I sent my in-laws away because they didn’t tell me before coming to my house and it was improper for them to jump into my house with out my consent. But while I was still dealing with these issues, my wife’s younger brother, Ogechi Erigbue, called and asked how he could see me. I told him I was on my way home and he should meet me there if he wants to see me. When I got home, he called again, I told him I was home and he could come. Then he came and sat in the sitting room and when I met him and I asked what he wanted, surprisingly, he told me to my face that he was sent by his parents and siblings to deal with me. Before I could ask what their reason was, about five men jumped into my apartment and immediately one of them holding a machete struck it at my face and I slumped on the ground, and blood was gushing out furiously from my face.” Continuing he said; “These people did not stop at that, they kept on hitting me with the machete all over my body and my little daughter who was the only one at home was crying seriously.
When they continued with the beating, even while I was on the ground, I pretended as if I was dead and I laid still. They felt satisfied and ran away. When I was sure they had gone, I crawled out of my apartment and started shouting for help. Some neighbors who heard my voice ran out and offered some assistance.

First they took me to the police station, where I made my report and later on, they brought me to the hospital. And while in the hospital, I was told that my wife came to check if I was still alive and she went home and called her brother, informing him that I was still alive and he should leave the state immediately. I was also told that she had changed all the keys in our shop where we sell food stuffs and she also hired vehicle to park away all our properties from my house. However, the Police at Kirikiri swung into action and succeeded in arresting her. They also were able to stop them from making use of the towing van she intended using to remove my car. This is not the first time I have been attacked by either my wife or her siblings. We have been married for over 12 years and we have three children. But my wife and her siblings have always wanted me dead because of the progress in our business. I am sure she had planned to eliminate me so that she and her siblings will take over all our properties. All her siblings have no means of livelihood, they all depend solely on her. Even my brother in-law who led the attackers into my house also does not have a job. Sincerely, I was tired of all this and I needed to put a stop to it. That alone has made them attack me severally”. Meanwhile, police sources at the kirikiri station, told Crime Guard that they have arrested the wife, Chidera Omeje.

According to sources, “we started trailing her after we got the report. We went to her shop and discovered that she had locked it with a new key and we also learnt that she was trying to park out of the house with her properties and the husband’s car. We laid siege around the house and succeeded in arresting her.”