View Full Version : Half Of Brits 'DO IT' Outdoors

17th September 2011, 12:48 PM
BRITAIN may not boast the best weather but that doesn't stop us indulging in alfresco love-making, an exclusive Sun sex survey reveals. Just over half of the 2,124 people questioned said they'd romped in the great outdoors.

The survey reveals that raunchy Brits are also a fan of sex toys with 43 per cent admitting to using them while 40 per cent owned up to getting jiggy in a public place.

A third of those quizzed said they had watched ---- with their lover, while 18 per cent of ladies and nine per cent of blokes confessed to dressing up in a fantasy costume to please their partner.


But while we might be having adventurous sex, we're not having it very often. When asked how many times they would get busy in the bedroom each month, nearly one third claimed NOT AT ALL. Eleven per cent say they made love once a month and 17 per cent enjoyed doing it two or three times a month.

Just two per cent of randy respondents in the poll, carried out by YouGov, claimed they would have sex more than 20 times a month.

Forty per cent have had between two and six sexual partners but, incredibly, two per cent said they'd had more than 100. THIS fascinating survey shows that Brits are far more experimental and flexible about who they have sex with and how they make love than previous generations.

But surprisingly, couples don't actually seem to have sex any more often than their more straitlaced parents and even grandparents.Decades ago the average couple made love two or three times a week. It could be that the pressures of modern life are making it harder for us to find time to have sex.

But we're much more experimental now and those without a regular partner are far more likely to have sex now than in the past. One in four have had sex with a friend and half of those questioned have had a one-night stand, with most (63 per cent) saying they don't regret it.

Such casual flings worry me. I get to hear about so much of the fallout from those who do regret it. And these regrets can involve long-term consequences for the individual and others STIs, unplanned pregnancy, damaged self-esteem, broken hearts. But I bet many will feel relieved to learn that they need not feel a sexual failure if they've missed out on having a threesome.

Technology, of course, plays a huge role in many people's flirting and sex lives now. Some almost class a mobile as a sex toy. Sex texts and sending erotic photos are great ways to raise the temperature in a relationship.

Source: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/3817615/Its-great-outdoors.html