View Full Version : God told me to divorce my wife

16th September 2011, 10:36 PM
A 58-year-old pastor, Mr. Femi Alo, on Wednesday told a Grade A Customary Court sitting in Mushin, Lagos, that he received instructions from God to marry a new wife and divorce Felicia, his wife of 34 years with whom he had four children.

Femi said this during the hearing of a divorce suit he filed against Felicia on the grounds that she deserted him for 15 years without any reason and that Felicia did not love him anymore.

“Felicia left home since 1996 under the guise of visiting her parents in Iddo-Ekiti, Ekiti State and since then she has not returned home. I have lived like a bachelor all this while and I am tired of living such a life. I sought the face of God on this and God has given me the go-ahead to divorce her and marry a new wife. He has revealed this to me,” he said.

When asked by the court whom God directed him to marry, Femi said God’s will for him in marriage was a 43-year-old divorcee who is currently a student in his church’s school of evangelism.

Femi whose first two children are married, however told the court that his children were opposed to his decision to divorce their mother.

He said, “Though my children are not supporting the divorce, I will go ahead with it because I want peace for myself and with God.They don’t have a say over me.I brought them up and made them who they are today.

“I have been patient enough for 15 years.Despite my appeal and entreaties from my relations to her to come back home she refused to return. I don’t even know about her affairs over there. Besides, I can’t even go against God’s will.”

Felicia was however absent in court despite being served with the hearing notice. The court urged Femi to furnish it with Felicia’s phone number so as to establish oral communication with her with a view to ensuring her prescence at the adjourned date.