View Full Version : Sarah Palin 'Took Cocaine And Cheated On Husband'

16th September 2011, 01:42 PM
SARAH Palin's presidential hopes have been thrown into jeopardy after claims she snorted cocaine and cheated on her husband.

Her anti-drugs stance and political career could suffer lasting damage from the accusations, which will be published in a bombshell book next week.

Sarah Palin

The biography by Joe McGinniss alleges Mrs Palin took the Class A drug off the top of an overturned oil drum while snowmobiling with friends.

It also alleges the 47-year-old US politician smoked cannabis as a student.

McGinniss, who spent three years researching the Alaska ex-governor's life and even rented a house next door, is said to claim Mrs Palin had a six-month affair with her husband Todd's business partner Brad Hanson in 1996.

The relationship has previously been denied by both sides.

The author also accuses her of being a bad mother who neglects her five children and describes how she tended to sleep naked on high school athletic trips.

In The Rogue: Search For The Real Sarah Palin, he is understood to have alleged that Mrs Palin had a fetish for black men and had a one-night stand with 6ft 7in basketball player Glen Rice who went on to play for the Miami Heat less than a year before marrying Todd.

She was a local sports journalist at the time and reports suggest that Rice is quoted in the book confirming the tryst.

Mrs Palin's husband slammed the author, describing him as a "stalker" who has a "creepy obsession".

He said: "This is a man who has been relentlessly stalking my family to the point of moving in right next door to us to harass us and spy on us to satisfy his creepy obsesssion with my wife.

"His book is full of disgusting lies, innuendo, and smears."

Mrs Palin has however not commented on the biography.

Source: thesun.co.uk