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6th September 2010, 08:17 PM
If you could reminisce very well the Ghana most high rated Hilife singer Michael Dwamena's death, you would still be looking for answers from peers, family members, as well as abroad and his entourage.

Micheal Dwamena was such a cool and a lively person anyone would've loved to hang out with, but the many questions surrounding his death question much of his personal character. It was one Saturday night in Dallas, Texas, a night not like any other when Michael D showed up at a party with some friends relatively African-Americans. We had a blast, he even performed live for the many who gathered there for a superb party.

It was my first time projecting my eyes on this kudos of a kind of music called hilife and hiplife in Ghana. We interacted, and mingled with a lot of Ghanaians. Well, I was there as a DJ alongside with DJ Kay, you can now be an invisible witness of how Michael was really close to me as a DJ.

At around 0430 hours on Sunday, Michael told Dj Kay and me that he was leaving for the day and will later contact us for an upcoming show. We parted ways with him, but the show was still blasting and bashing. In the afternoon of the same day, which was Sunday, I was told by a friend that Michael was hospitalized and not quite long, dj Kay phoned me with the same news.

I asked DJ Kay if he knew the girl with whom Michael D came to the party and he said yes. From there we placed a call to the girl, which for personal privacy and security reason I won't mention her name. This girl refused to answer any questions, but has told us to call the hospital.

We did call the hospital, but the authority wouldn't release any information on Michael, which is understandable. Same girl has ordered the hospital not to mention her name to any Michael's relatives. However, an information that reached me that day showed that the hospital authorities have revealed a substance found in Michael's intestine after the initial diagnosis. The person who gave me the information spoke anonymously since he was not authorized to speak about the case due to its sensitivity.

But before we even got the news that he was hospitalized, the girl had called a guy known as RAS who apparently didn't live in Texas, but in Minneapolis in Minnesota to inform him of the death of Michael Dwamena. There were many of us here that the girl knew very well that we were Michael's friends and could have informed us to rush in there quickly if there was nothing smoky. This so called RAS didn't cross check whether Michael was really admitted to the hospital and thus called on an Accra based radio station Joy 99.7 FM to spread the death of Michael. This showed that RAS and the girl were well aware of this incident.

Michael Dwamena was paling with African Americans and of course we know how or what they do mostly. I'm not trying to generalize that every African American is dealing in drugs or am I suggesting that African Americans are bad people to hang out with, but the fact is that when you see a bad one you know it.

The girl who first took Michael Dwamena to the hospital knew what was happening to him was a substance because Michael had previously given her a pouch which she wouldn't want to elaborate more on that pouch and once He started complaining about his stomach, she all of sudden got scared and was shivering as she told me personally.

When you hang out with bad people, you may simple put your life in line. His death was more or less a tragedy, which left his fans moaning up to now because of how he came up with his style of music and such a celebrity died unoticed. May his soul rest in perfect peace if that is he lived in an examplary life.

7th September 2010, 04:13 AM
An interesting perspective there on the death of such a talented and much loved artist. It helps to get a first hand account of events. Very sad, but at the same time reminds us of the fragility of life and existence as a whole. When death comes knocking on your door there is not much that you can do. May his soul rest in peace.