View Full Version : The Silly Side Of Shirley Frimpong Manso

15th September 2011, 02:14 PM
I always say that “Ignorance and illiteracy are obviously not synonymous; even illiterate masses can cast their ballots with intelligence, once they are informed.”


In the case of Shirley Frimpong Mason, who is branded by some sections of the media as one of the top female producers who has a good reputation to protect, I personally think Shirley has failed by telling Ghanaian movie fans that she will not beg them to watch her movies. This was a statement she made in an interview to News One.

What a silly statement on her side. “Well Shirley if you are not begging the movie fans to watch your movies, why even advertise? Why not just leave it in your bed room for only friends and family?”

Everyone knows that extensive advertising drags movie fans to watch your movies and now fans who buy your movies are complaining that 10 chapters are boring, with unnecessary twist’s and some adaptations of stolen stories.

Source: Mustapha Ayinde Inusah/Attractive