View Full Version : Samini To Go Into Commercial Production of “Pito”

13th September 2011, 01:49 PM
Ghanaian Music Star, Samini has revealed that he intends going into commercial production of Ghanaian brewed “Pito” in the near future.

Samini made the revelation during the filming of the unplugged version of a yet to be aired TV show that seeks to create a platform for Ghanaian musicians to collaborate on songs and videos, 30minitz at his

Samini with a calabash of Pito

Samini stated that he has a deep connection to Pito, since that was the beverage he was introduced to right from infancy more so when it was brewed and sold by his mom right they were lived, adding that it
has and still does provide him the inspiration he needs to write those songs that earned him awards and recognition globally.

According to Samini his mum has been brewing the millet based “Pito” for a long time now and thus saw the need to take his mum’s brewery of Pito to the next level by partnering her to produce and package it
in commercial quantities to be sold and exported worldwide, this he believes will not help advance his mum’s business but promote the country as well.


This is an exciting reality television series that seeks to provide a platform for Ghanaian and African musicians to collaborate on song for which a video will be filmed for the show.


Each week, two musicians will be introduced to each other to collaborate on a new song or remix an old one for which a music video will be shot for.

The process of making the song and the video which includes the studio sessions and behind the scenes of making the video and the final video plus an unplugged segment where both artistes will be properly profiled from where their careers started will be put together in a 30 minutes TV show format to be aired on TV every week.

Meanwhile filming for the some episodes of the show featuring Samini and budding Dancehall musician and former stars of the future contestant, Kaki ended during the weekend awaiting final edit and
packaging for TV.

The show according the producers will start airing on TV at the end of the month, though they did not state on which channel it would. Join the show on facebook and twitter @30minitz live for more updates,
exclusive pictures, footages and filming schedules.