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12th September 2011, 12:25 AM
Hello Vincent, I am not sure if you will publish this but then as a new mother, I am desperate to keep my husband so that I do not become a single parent. I want to openly let a certain Actress ( I edited this sentence to take off the name) know that, she is hurting me, my little baby and will kill us all.


When I was pregnant, my husband who is not anyway connected to the Ghana Movie industry built some all of a sudden strange friendship with this Actress. My husband introduced her to me at his office when I passed through one time on my way to the market. The Actress was sitting, waiting for my husband for their usual lunch.

I was heavily pregnant then and I did not want my blood level up so I took it calm even though I felt a punch in my stomach. As a woman, you know when something is not right; you know when another woman is messing with your man or husband.

Let me fast forward this, when I finally delivered, the said Actress came to the hospital with my husband to see me. I couldn’t hold myself together when I saw the two of them. My husband stayed few minutes and told me he had to drop her friend (Actress) at the Airport because she was flying to Nigeria for a movie.

Things got out of hands and got messy as weeks went by. My husband took unexplained trips and came home late almost every day. I took courage and took this Actress’ phone number from my husband’s cell phone after reading some nasty messages they have been exchanging.

I phoned this Actress calmly and told her that ‘please slim tall beautiful shinny girl, I have just given birth and you know that, I need my husband more than anything. His new child also wants all his attention so please leave my husband for me. You are young and you can find yourself a single man”.

After this call, I felt good and thought everything was over. My husband came home that night so angry that he did not eat my food, he even slept on the sofa for 3 days. Anytime my husband packs his suitcase to go to work, I start crying within as I am not sure where he will be going with this young Actress.

I will like to use your blog to kindly ask this Actress (she knows herself because of the call) to leave my husband for me and my baby alone. This is killing my family.

Gladys/ Spintex, Ghana

Source: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri/ghanacelebrities.com

12th September 2011, 01:02 AM
Some women too di3.

If someone is cheating on you, why use the child as an excuse to keep the marriage going?

Obviously he doesn't value his vows to you enough, and you won't be the first person to be a single mother.

12th September 2011, 05:43 AM
3y3 asem ooo.....what kind of tactics is this sister playing.....if your husband has decided to put ne koti on his shoulder like asore don...leave the girl out of it. From all indications, the said actress doesn't have the man on a noose.

If you've got issues, deal with your husband and dont be making no such stupid calls to the lady, after all the lady didn't propose to the man or did she? You seem not to be doing something right for this he-goat of a husband of yours running after another 3tw3......wise up and device a new tactic....this one just isnt cutting it

And as for you having a child, learn to stand on your two feet as a woman to cater for your child and stop depending on men.........majority of them are just s.perm donors and not fathers.

Fashion Yaa
12th September 2011, 07:56 AM
I agree with u all my sisters this is the time for Gladys to cut her losses and call her psuedo-husband what he is: a cheat awri. Ofre girl nu kra, en kosi aga.....nyame sro biya ni ho enti mæn ha wo hu.

Se papa ni si on pe wo biyum, ja nu ma nu nko.....there is better you live in one of the richest parts of Gh and better believe your conmections in Spintex will take u far.

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
12th September 2011, 01:14 PM
Some women just live in lalaland others are just blood suckers and some of my brothas are full of ---- and inconsiderate.

The bottom line- karma is a bitttchhhh who never fails to deliver and is always on time.