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8th September 2011, 10:13 AM
Those dreaded VPLs (visible panty lines) are embarassing and uncomfortable and can downright ruin any great outfit. By choosing comfortable full-bottom panties, you may be exhibiting more than your beautiful pencil skirt. No one likes to show extra bulge, so opt for a thong to avoid VPLs. Still, it's also important to know when a thong just isn't appropriate.

Sheer Pants or Skirts
If you happen to be wearing a pair of slightly sheer pants or a skirt, thong underwear will expose a lot more than full brief panties. The world will not only see your thong lines but your behind as well. In this case, VPLs from briefs may not be so bad, but the best choice would be micro-short underwear to provide coverage without panty lines.

Short Skirts
Short skirts can be risky for thong wearers. If the skirt is tight, there's always a chance that it will rise up as you walk, giving a free show to passers-by. Walking up spiral staircases can also be risky. Wearing a full short skirt is even riskier, because one strong gust of wind and you're exposed. Once again, micro-shorts are a better choice when sporting short skirts.

Ultra-low Pants
There might have been a period in the late 90s when low-slung pants and exposed thongs were the norm, but that doesn't mean it was a classy look. If you must wear ultra low-rise pants, be sure to choose a low-rise thong. Better yet, opt for full bottom bikini briefs instead, so sitting down isn't such a spectacle.

Age Appropriate
While thongs have a practical purpose, they also evoke sexuality. Many women feel sexier in a thong -- and most men would agree. But women should be the appropriate age to wear thongs. While some junior companies market thongs to tweens, mothers should be sure that their daughters understand the connotations of skimpy underwear before buying them.

On the Beach
Women worrying about tan lines may opt for a thong bikini on the beach. Not only is this an uncomfortable option for the wearer (a sandy bottom can't possibly be pleasant), but it is also inappropriate for public, family beaches. If you're worried about tan lines, put away the thong and slather on some SPF to block out harmful UV rays entirely.

Yeast Infections
Yeast infections are yucky, but all women should know that tight underwear, thongs and pantyhose can create a sweaty environment where yeast infections tend to grow. If you feel a yeast infection coming on, or already have one, avoid wearing thongs until the infection is completely gone.

Abena J
8th September 2011, 10:57 PM
Instead of the thong, a woman can just wear Commando invisible underwear. It works!:joyous:


Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
8th September 2011, 11:04 PM
I don't get the whole thong thing. The butt never asked to be flossed or did it ?