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8th September 2011, 09:53 AM
Quietly but surely Tema, the Harbour City, has torpedoed the capital to become the hub of Ghana’s contemporary youth music expression. Following the steps of high-life heavyweights such as A.B. Crentsil and Jewel Ackah - a much younger crop of musicians have taken up the mantle and they seem poised to hold on to that top position for a long while.


The A-list of young, creative and vibrant artistes who have been bred or live in the small musical city include Sarkodie, R2Bees, Praye, Ayigbe Edem, D.Cryme, Nana Boroo, Kwaw Kese, Yaa Pono, Stay-Jay, and pretty lady Tiffany.

There are many others such as Dade Opanka, Chemphe, Pop Skinny, Macho Rapper, Danso Abiam, Eduwodzi, Yaw Siky, Icons and Joe Morr who have earned considerable exposure. A good number of more others who are emerging from the underground” make the list even longer.

When Showbiz walked through the city last weekend to try and find out what has created the phenomenon, it was sound engineer David Kyei, popularly known as Kaywa who offered the first explanation.

Without taking too much credit for himself, Kaywa told Showbiz that he was involved in busily recording music for artistes in Accra but had to move from Accra to set up is studio in Tema.

“It was very challenging for me at the initial stage when I moved to Tema but with time my work began to be recognized and that contributed to the new wave”, Kaywa said.

Kaywa who is behind hit artistes including Sarkodie, R2Bee’s, Chemphe, D.Cryme, Stay-Jay, Pop Skinny, Danso Abiam, Dade Opanka and Yaa Porno, said, Tema took over the music scene long ago but promotion was low simply because the only Radio station there by then was Adom FM before Obonu FM was born.

After recordings songs like R2Bee’s; Yawa girl and several other songs which he said he did for free, most of the musicians recommended him to their friends. What actually worked for us is when Kilbeatz corroborated Kaywa’s explanation and paid glowing tribute to Adom FM’s rap battle programme that used to be hosted by Dr. Duncan. “every known artist in Tema had to go on the radio to battle with at least four or five others before coming out with his song and this, I believe, gave them a good opportunity to polish up for their music” Kilbeatsz said.

D Cryme

Nana Boroo of Aha Aye De fame whose song still remains on the lips of many Ghanaians said it is a known fact that Tema has indeed taken over the music industry in Ghana. “It’s as a result of hard work.

According to Chemphe, the serene environment at Tema gives sound engineers a clear sound unlike other areas where sound engineers can’t have their peace of mind as a result of noise. He added that, the sound engineers create the beats and call us to come out with lyrics to fit in the beat which makes it easy for most of the Tema artiste.

Source: Graphic Showbiz