View Full Version : Pascaline Edwards speaks on nudity in Ghanaian movies

6th September 2011, 08:05 PM
Ace actress Pascaline Edwards has indicated that she does not see anything wrong with nudity in our movies depending on how one looks at it. According to her when it comes to the way actors dress in movies, there is nothing wrong with it.

Speaking on Hitz FMís Daybreak Hitz, she said ďif you are a woman of my age and you are supposed to play the role of an older woman dating a young guy at the beach, you donít want me to dress showing parts of my body, I will dress decently but if a young lady is playing the same role, she will be a bit uncovered to show what she has and for me that is two different things and depending on how the story is going then there is nothing wrong with that.Ē

Pascaline Edwards in Hitz FM studios Monday

In her opinion, nudity means looking at something but not really seeing it clearly even though you can imagine it whereas nakedness is where you show the body uncovered which is rare in Ghanaian movies. She disclosed that if she is given a role to play ---- in a movie, she will do it but cover herself well enough to look good.

Pascaline indicated that the Ghanaian Movie industry is growing so well in terms of casting, sound, light and acting. She also stated that she does not see anything wrong with our movies because she sees it as an extension of everyday life. She advised that actors should always look different in their movies and in real life because most actors are models and want to look good.

According to her, she however has a problem with the industry. This is the fact that most movie producers are not creative when it comes to storylines, adding that most producers simply pick foreign stories and translate then them into our local languages and they also donít shoot them well. She therefore advised that Ghanaians should learn to write their original scripts and shoot good movies.

Asked why she has been off the screens, Pascaline stated that in her opinion the producers have not had a role that fits her and that is why she has been off the scene.

The Tema-based actress revealed that she has however featured in a recent movie titled Breaking The Rules which also starred John Dumelo, Prince David Osei and Roselyn Ngissah.

Pascaline told Lexis on Daybreak Hitz that she is currently working on her Radio drama which will be out soon. She said she is working seriously with her cast to put up a good piece.

In addition to that, the erstwhile goddess of the screen is working on another radio programme which will air on Hitz FM in the near future.

In addition to her acting career, Pascaline has a foundation which caters for kids and the youth to unearth their talents.

The foundation which is known as the Pascaline Edwards Foundation is to give back to the society.

She noted that when adults are talking, they donít allow children to talk back and this makes the children timid. She therefore wants to use the opportunity to help these young ones bring out what they know in order to help the society.

Pascaline has been in the movie in the industry for 21 years now and she has featured in countless number of movies such A Stab in the Dark which shot her to fame in the 90ís. She also starred in Forbidden Fruit, The Mask, House Arrest and My Fatherís Wife. Other movies she featured in include Messages, Deadline for Asante, Without Her Consent, Jewels and several others.

She won the Best Actress Award in 2002 and has also performed as a singer backing the likes of KK Kabobo.