View Full Version : Meet Zambia's chat topper,Afunika

5th September 2011, 04:28 PM

Afunika is one of Zambia's chat toppers. This song(his latest) is one of his hits on rotation on Zambian radio.

In an exclusive telephone interview, Azaonline spoke to Afunika about his music career and how he is coping with music success…

Eating a Malinso(lizard), Ama knuckle muli Lion ? That's a couragious way to show love to your woman. How do you come up with such lyrics ? What's going through your mind at that point?

Afunika : As an artist you have to be open minded. You have heard how guys try and get their way with girls by saying all sorts of things like "I am ready to die for you....I can do anything for you," I just thought I should write a song about it. And it turned it out to be a hit.

Would you really do that in real life even if her lips are myangutable (lickable) as you put it ?

Afunika: Oh yes ! For my wife I would. She's my number one fan [laughs], I get all my musical inspiration from her. She's been there for me through thick and thin.

Wait a minute, you are married ? How come your facebook profile says you are single?

Afunika-[Busts out laughing] Oh yes am happily married with a daughter. I just haven't updated my facebook profile. I need to do that.

Being in the music industry and all that popularity. How do you handle that? Is your wife is ok with that?

Afunika: Definitely she is there for me. she understands this is my profession. This is how I make a living. When I go out for shows, It's strictly business. I don't mix business with pleasure.

How long have you been in music?

Afunika: Music has been my passion from a young age. Growing up in Chingola, I used to sing with my friends but I never persued it as much until I completed school. I did my first album titled Malinso about two years ago.

You have performed with a number of artists, espiacially Dalisoul how did you get involved with him.

Afunika:I met dalisoul at dangerzone where I record from. I think our music styles compliments one another.

The social media like Youtube and facebook has made it easy for Zambian artists to market their music but it's hard for Zambians in the diaspora to legally buy latest Zambian music, what are you doing about that?

Afunika:It's not easy but with people like you, we can work together and service our market in the diaspora.

Are you worried about your music being shared freely on blogs, youtube and loss of revenue ?

Afunika:Not as a much because it's a way we promote our music. If you have noticed on my facebook page, I let people send me their email addresses so I can send them some of our music promos. It's a small sacrifice we make in order to get our music out there. In Zambia we have ZAMCOPs who control music piracy, so we are hoepful piracy will be kept to a minimum.

There is currently a lot of competition on the Zambian music scene, Zambian music has never been this interesting in the last decade,with big names like JK and Danny realeasing new hits and now the Lupupa lupupa song which has gone viral. How are you tyring to stay on top of the game?

Afunika: Unlike most music artists, I produce my own music and I try to keep to my own style. No one detects to me how my music should be, so I believe it's unique and that's the only way to stay on top the game. I try not to sound like just another artist.

Do you have any other albums or any other music you woud like to talk about?

Afunika: I produce for a number of Bravo records artist like TKOY who is working on a new album due next month. I am also working on my own album which should be released soon, I will let you know of the details at some point.

Any upcoming performances abroad?

Afunika:I have not performed in the US or Europe, but had some great performances in South Africa.I will be going back there soon for another concert.

It's been great talking to you, thank you for your time. Any last words for your fans out there?

Afunika: I would like to thank Mr.Brian Mulenga owner of Jeerabo records for believing in me and giving an opportunity to do what I love, all the artists I have worked with at Jeerabo. And offcourse azaonline.org and all my fans out there who have made me who I am today.