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1st September 2011, 10:09 AM
Rap heavy weight Champion, Lord Kenya, who turned born-again Christian last year is beside himself with regret that he ever accepted to star in a movie by Frederick Opoku popularly known as Koskolee.

At the time of shooting the movie, Kenya knew that he title was Back to Back. On its release two week ago, however, the movie title had been changed to Doggy Style: Back 2 Back and the preacher man says he has been deceived.


The Change in the movie title is not the only beef Kenya has with the producer. He is also very disappointed that the packaging on the back of the CD shows pictures of him and a half naked girl; in fact Kenya’s head appears to lie directly on the naked girls’ protruded bum. Lord Kenya told Showbiz last Thursday that in the movie he played the role of an elder who counsels a group of young guys to leave their bad lifestyles. “At that time, I thought that was cool, so I accepted to play the role”, Kenya said.

According to him, he didn’t get to see the final product of the movie after it was shot in 2009 until last week when was informed that the movie was on the market. “When I was told about the title and the picture it carried, I could not believe my ears until I saw it myself”, he said. “I didn’t charge any money for playing in the move because I liked the role I was given to play; for a born again Christian like me to advise young folks to desist from their bad ways, I thought it was on course in my God-given duty. The hiplife musician who has won several awards said no one should buy the move just because he is in it. “I don’t want to be associated with anything so indecent that would tarnish my image, therefore I advice Ghanaians not to buy the movie”, Kenya said. The producer had a different story to tell when Showbiz contacted him. According to Koskolee, titles of movies can change at any point in time.

It was true that the movie was shot in 2009 when Lord Kenya was born again but we settled for Doggy Style: Back 2 Back because I know this title will sell the movie better. He however said it was not true that Lord Kenya didn’t take an money for featuring in the move. I personally gave him 10million old cedis in 2009 a few days after the movie was shot.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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