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27th August 2010, 08:42 PM
Actress Yvonne Nelson’s desire of becoming the first Ghanaian actress to break into the leading movie industry, Hollywood, is likely to materialize in no time as there appears to be fertile grounds for her to nurse her Hollywood ambition.

http://news.myjoyonline.com/photos/news/Yvonne%20Nelson_1.jpgYvonne Nelson and John Littlefield

NEWS-ONE has gathered Yvonne has been rocking with a Hollywood actor called John Littlefield in Monrovia, Liberia. Littlefield is a popular face in Hollywood and is noted for his role as Gary Sinclair on ‘Another World’ as well as a numerous guest starring roles on ‘Law & Order’, ‘Roswell’, ‘Navy NCIS,’ and ‘West Wing’.

Recently, he co-starred with another popular name, Anthony Hopkins, in motion picture ‘Beowulf’ and has also appeared in ‘Fracture’ and ‘Slipstream’. NEWS-ONE sources in Liberia said the two actors were spotted over the weekend during a funfair in Liberia.

However, the sources said there were no amorous strings attached to their encounter as some critics may be thinking but hopes were that Yvonne will capitalize on her encounter with the Hollywood top gun to climb into his industry. “It was a nice meeting; we had a lot of fun. We hanged out. The next thing I was back in Accra,” Yvonne confirmed the story to NEWS-ONE when contacted on Monday.

The leggy actress says she went to Liberia last Friday upon an invitation by some entertainment promoters to be part of the launching of the Terminal One Entertainment Centre, one of the newest entertainment hotspots in Liberia.

She was however overwhelmed by the kind of support, love, care and inspiring welcome that she got from Liberians. “I now believe the saying that prophets are not honoured in their own countries. Right from the airport, people were gathering around me.

They were happy to see me and I was overwhelmed by the kind of reception they gave me. It was amazing.” It was however during the launching ceremony that she met Littlefield who was also on different mission with his Hollywood crew.

“John was like oh my God everybody is talking about you and everybody is excited. And I was like yeah, it is because I’m an African star and he is not,” she added. According the actress, who said everybody in Liberia was calling her Princess Tyra, she managed to build some links with the Hollywood man and his crew and hoped for a better future, even though she was silent on whether she is likely to get a deal.

“We spoke and compared African movies to what they have been doing outside there. For a moment they were laughing. They were like they have not seen any African movie before. But I told him about our industry and the problems of lack of good and sophisticated cameras, bad stories lines among others.

We exchanged contacts and I hope something good will come out of it,” she disclosed. She said her busy schedule in Liberia didn’t give them an opportunity to have much fun. Upon her arrival, she had to move from one radio station to the other to grant a lot of interviews, to let people know that she was in town and they can see her by attending the launching ceremony.

And indeed people patronized the event in their huge numbers. She also visited other spots including Boulevard Café where she signed autographs for a lot of children who always come to have fun there. She also got a rousing welcome when she visited a place called Club 69.

Coincidentally, there was a program for albinos by Lions Club International, which is similar to her campaign on Glaucoma and she was invited for that event too. The club was giving eye glasses to albinos and screening their eyes. She collaborated with the Lion International club as a special guest and told them about her project too.

“I interacted with the albinos. I gave them some of my movies, I went there with. At least I put smiles on their faces and I am very happy for that,” she concluded.

BBoy T
28th August 2010, 01:34 AM
Ghanaians always read between the lines. She is seen with the dude suddenly they are dating lol trust the sister to generously give "it" up for Hollywood's sake..haaaaaaaaaaaaa career catapult abi.

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
29th August 2010, 02:22 AM
Ghanaians always read between the lines. She is seen with the dude suddenly they are dating lol trust the sister to generously give "it" up for Hollywood's sake..haaaaaaaaaaaaa career catapult abi.

LOL friends with benefits.

29th August 2010, 04:16 AM
HEHE. Fa woto begye role! lol