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26th August 2011, 10:48 PM
Hi. I'll begin to let you all on unto my personal diary that records secret events while on the job as a medical doctor in the private hospital setting somewhere not too far from here...

I simply aim to provoke a vigorous health discussion here, by so doing - and so I hope you will find my personal notes provoking.

A disclaimer: I have anonymised the rhetoric and changed some of the real facts a bit, for reasons bordering on patients' confidentiality concern.

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
26th August 2011, 11:02 PM
We are all ears.

26th August 2011, 11:07 PM
Menstrual Abnormalities. . . Enlarged Scrotum. . . Fractured Collar Bone. . . ?Fatal Neck Tumour.

This 4 year-old boy was brought in as an emergency having been pelted inside a moving vehicle driven by the mum. He was quite shaken-up but rather stable.
His mum was a little apprehensive but mostly quiet.

The boy however, had bruising with tenderness around the left shoulder that was confirmed through X-rays to be a Fracture of the left collar bone.

Well, I applied a figure-of-eight bandage around those little shoulders.

It's noteworthy here that this accident could have been prevented by the usage of a child-restraining device.

Bad mum, I must say.

* * *

He may well survive afterall, this gentleman whose right-sided neck tumour we removed surgically 10 days back and who had his stitches out today.

Was it a Tuberculous growth or a Cancer? The histology report of tissue samples taken and sent, will determine its exact nature. The report is expected anytime soon.

I discharged the patient with the left scrotal swelling today. There was a hitherto unseen springiness to his gait.

* * *

I steadily plunged the needle into this man's enlarged, tender left scrotum. I had expected to see altered blood fill-up the 20cc syringe.

It was dry.

The original diagnosis of Epididimorchitis must have been the correct one. His case file told me he had been admitted the previous day; his diagnosis wavering from Acute Epididimorchitis, to Scrotal Haematoma, and then back.

Promptly, the medical management of his ailment was changed accordingly.

* * *

This young, female patient seemed to know very little concerning her menstrual period. I find this typical amongst women I see during my out-patient consultations. Details such as cycle duration and timeliness, show them at a loss. And God forbid they happen to get two seperate flows in a single month, to them it signifies an abnormality that requires promt attention! They make the matter fuzzier than it ought to had it been they understood their cycles better.

I sent her off to run the inevitable pelvic scan.

I began dozing off at some point between seeing patients today, no thanks to what I have often tagged as "overnight-browsing hang-over".Good enough, Dr Larry was doing a terrific job clearing the out-patients.