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26th August 2011, 12:39 PM
Barely a year after hiplife musician Lord Kenya told Ghanaians that he had transformed into a Heaven-bound, Holy Spirit-filled, tongue-speaking and born-again Christian, he has featured in a local Ghanaian ---- movie titled ‘Doggy Style: Back 2 Back’.

Lord Kenya, now a pastor, is known in real life as Abraham Philip Akpor Kenya and he recently denied speculations that he was dead. He told NEWS-ONE he was alive and propagating the gospel of Christ because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.


But NEWS-ONE can report that ‘Doggy Style: Back 2 Back’, the movie in which Lord Kenya starred, has become a bone of contention between the producers and the Censorship Board over supposed wild and sizzling pornographic scenes.

The movie’s cover case is very telling and has been rated 18 plus.

The poster and CD cover of the new movie on the market have Lord Kenya’s face almost lying on the buttocks of a half-naked sexy lady.

Sources told News-One that Pastor Kenya has not complained about the poster and CD cover of the movie in the market.This is making both movie and music fans ask questions if he is truly repented.

Efforts to get Kenya to speak about his involvement in the movie proved futile. What is not yet clear is whether Kenya gave his life to Christ before he featured in the movie, but it was confirmed that he accepted to be in the movie.

When contacted, director of the movie, Fredrick Opoku, also refused to talk to News-One. “Why, every day you people have something to say about sex. Go and ask the censorship board people if there were sex scenes in the movie.

I can’t talk. Don’t call me again,” he said and hung up, refusing to pick further calls placed to him.

Source: news One

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
27th August 2011, 04:23 AM
Almost a year after he announced that he has been rescued and called by God, Lord Kenya, a very popular hip life artist based in Kumasi, has revealed publicly that he used to sniff cocaine, smoked Indian hemp and slept with over 50 women.

“ Yes, I did use cocaine, womanized and took to drinking, and my wife, though did not like that side of me, at that time, could not complain because even if she did, I wouldn’t have listened, because, my mind was very far away from anything, and for that matter, would not heed to any advice”, he said.

Although he could not give the exact number of women he was involved with instantly, Lord Kenya, in a laughing mood, admitted, saying that “the women were countless, and they came from all over the world”.

New Lord Kenya, as he now wants to be called, said this when he granted a phone interview to an Accra- based Christian radio station, Channel R, on their entertainment programme ‘205 Total Entertainment’, last Friday.

An attempt by the host Agyeman Prempeh, to guess the number of women he had slept with, he recollected that he had sexual intercourse with over 50 women.

He added that although the women were many, he had to make time for all of them, buttressing this with an Akan proverb, ‘if one farms several farms, he is expected to weed all of them’.

Fortunately, he said when he had the encounter with the Holy Ghost, he, together with his fellow pastors, prayed that he would no longer associate himself with the world. Since that particular time, he has not gotten himself with any of these women whatsoever.

The one-time ‘rap heavy weight champion’ said since he turned to serve his Maker, things have not been rosy as they were during the days he was in the world, but insists that he has not regretted in opting for Christ.

Speaking with Bible quotations, Lord Kenya said that unlike the days when he had the luxury of choosing from several cars that he acquired through his music, currently, he has lost all those vehicles.

“I have lost all my cars, the devil wants to tell me that they are for him because it was during his time that I had all of them, so since I took God the cars are all broken down, the engines, everything is down, so now when I am going to church, I mostly use taxi for my evangelism,” he said.

Besides preaching at church and on radio, Kenya said that he does not do any work, and so his family survives on rents from three houses he owns, other investments he made from his musical career and donations from individuals.

He said when going to church to preach the word of God, he has to pick taxi.

Despite these challenges, Kenya said he is resolute with the decision he has taken-serving God, saying that no matter what temptations that will come his way, he will continue to tread in the path he has chosen, assuring himself that at the right time the Lord will show his goodness to him.

Lord Kenya, married to Gertrude Kenya with two kids, said that during his days as a circular artist, he had the opportunity to act in a few Ghanaian movies, and noted that he would not hesitate to star in any of such movies, provided they are Godly and correspond with his believes as a Christian.

Though at present Kenya, does not have a church of his own, he said he worships with a Kumasi-based Pastor Samson, through whom he had the encounter with God.

He hinted that if God gives him the direction that he should do music once again, he would not hesitate but will prefer to sing gospel music to win souls for Christ.